Recent Bigfoot Sightings

With the up-coming 50th Anniversary  of the famous Patterson-Gilmin video of a creature striding away from the camera at Bluff Creek, CA, there have been more sightings of the cryptozoologic specimen, Bigfoot.

First up, Rob Lowe reported spotting one of the creatures this summer while film a new series for A&E,  Here

Next, there’s a bit of footage of a blurry two legged creature taken by a game camera set up to watch an eagle’s nest in Michigan-  Here

Then there’s the recent report out of Northern California of five of the creatures making their way across a field, one of them carrying a pig on its shoulder, Here


15 Comments on Recent Bigfoot Sightings

  1. Bongopoofter:
    “She had hair on her legs like bristles on a hog,
    She had pimples right up to her chin.
    But a little bit of time,
    And a whole lot of whiskey,
    I drank her right up to a ten.”
    Bill Clinton Harvard University Back in the sixties.

  2. “~~You don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone…~~” -Joni Mitchell

    All these public sightings prove how safe we were all those years that Mooch was housed nightly behind the White House fence.

  3. It is such a shame that in this digital age everyone, even professional paranormal investigators, that captures a once in a lifetime image of bigfoot is using a cheap, out-of-focus Polaroid camera from the 60s. I have seen $50 wildlife cameras that show a blade of grass in a deer’s mouth. It is the same disappointment in my fellow humans that I experience when a candidate calls a talk radio show with millions of listeners on a cell phone with a dying battery.

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