Recent Polling Indicates Americans Want Restrictions On Abortion

Days before the March For Life on Washington this year, a Marist poll conducted nationwide earlier this month shows a wide majority of Americans (75 percent) support restrictions on abortion and a majority (59 percent) oppose the life ending procedure completely. More

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  1. 55 million babies have been killed since Roe vs Wade. Our God is a Just God, do you think these people won’t be held accountable?

  2. A good percentage of that 75% who favor restrictions on abortion still vote for socialist democrat and rino representatives who favor and support the murder of unborn children.
    Wake up and vote for principles and not a popular socialist pro-death candidate.

  3. …now, now, in Liberalland restrictions are for GUNS, not for ABORTIONS.

    …you’re only allowed to kill the INNOCENT, evidently. Those who try to kill YOU are NOT innocent, and therefore do not qualify for death, apparently… that’s how Baal rolls, and the Dems do seem to favor him…

  4. If you get an abortion.
    We sterilize you if you come in for a second one… i’d pay for that.

    otherwise. i don’t care about abortion.
    i just don’t wanna pay for it for everyone else, unless i get a say…

  5. Liberals are weepy, feel-good, unthinking sentimentalists and they assume that all the poor suffering “families” wanting to invade America are good, loving people.

    Conservatives know better.

    (Christian) conservatives are sentimentalists believing that every zygote is a potential Rembrandt, a Gandhi, …..a Christ figure?

    Conservatives appear to be winning the “sentimental” game, now on the abortion issue: look at pictures of the cutsie little dear in utero and dream about potential for greatness….. ….another Charlton Heston, perhaps? (…not the little bitch who slammed, twice, into the man in Walmart a couple of days ago…. ….and will birth herself, soon, probably a half dozen times….)

    The hard reality is that both sides should get a little more real about how the world actually works. ….Lady in Red

  6. CORRECTION: Instead of the above, I should have written:

    “….(“Christian”) conservatives are sentimentalists believing that every zygote is a potential Rembrandt, a Gandhi …..a Christ figure?…”

    I know many good, caring, giving Christians who don’t believe in shooting doctors or that every pregnant woman should be forced against her will to “pop a cookie.”

    It ain’t good for the woman, and it certainly ain’t good for the unwanted baby-to-be.
    ….Lady in Red

  7. Yet when an afterbirth female chooses to do what she wants with her own body and terminates it, Skank in Red fakes that she is all broken up about it.

    Hell is Hot. It won’t be long for her.

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