Record economic growth on the way as election approaches

Washington Examiner:

The economy is on course for a record jump in gross domestic product in the third quarter, which will be announced shortly before November’s election.

“I certainly think it will be double digits,” said Doug Holtz-Eakin, the president of the center-right economic think tank American Action Forum who was also the chief economic policy adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The existing record for GDP growth is the 16.7% annual rate set in the first quarter of 1950. Several projections expect GDP growth in the third quarter of 2020, which will be announced on Oct. 29, just days before the Nov. 3 election, to eclipse that figure.

S&P Global Ratings projects a 22.2% annualized jump in third-quarter GDP, according to Beth Ann Bovino, the chief U.S. economist at the company.


14 Comments on Record economic growth on the way as election approaches

  1. Woo Hoo!! MAGA baby!

    Hard to keep good people down — no matter what.

    All those “expert” economists and only one was right. Larry Kudlow. I love watching him — so upbeat about America.

  2. d’rats don’t care how many people suffer, how many lose their jobs, their businesses, how many die (many deliberately by d’rat governors) from the virus … the more, the better, to their way of thinking … how many children are not educated, how many families are broken up, how many people suffer from the rampant lawlessness & crime they have foisted on our cities

    … as long as they attain power over us … & that’s the bottom line

    & the Antifa idiots are too stupid to realize that they are the ‘useful fools’

  3. Meanwhile in CA they are talking about masks until next year. Just ridiculous.
    Crazy that some accuse Trump of taking too much power, when governors across the country are singlehandedly deciding whose business can flourish and which must lock its doors.

  4. Molon — What has seen me through, personally, despite having a miserable year from a business standpoint (I was on track in March to have a banner year, too), is to just keep my eyes on the prize. Jesus. If I just keep my eyes on Him and my thoughts with Him, it helps so much to not get dragged down into this worldly mire. I know you know that, but sometimes a friendly reminder is good. I know I have to remind myself constantly. And I used to laugh at all those amnesiacs in the book of Isiah. lol

  5. I took some profits today. I’m back to where I was in early March of this year except for my 401k….It goes down slower so it comes up slower….

    My Kansas farm boy, avid hunter, good ol’ American financial guy is upbeat as long as Trump wins and he doesn’t see how that shouldn’t happen, but we must keep the senate. He also calls the covid bullshit the “election infection”. He told me some good ways to bury some shovels in the back field, but I told him I didn’t own any shovels. Living in the middle of everywhere has allowed me to meet better Americans….

  6. I think the increase in manufacturing is in part do to the stimulus checks. Northern California machine shops are running after market jeep parts, jet ski parts, gun parts, etc. Disposable income stuff. Tech is dead. Medical is dead. Highly unusual market right now. Our military market could be busier.
    Trump needs to finish pulling the plug on China and we will be swamped.


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