Recycling Costs Rising for Several Cities in Massachusetts

Breitbart: Recycling is becoming too expensive for many cities in Massachusetts to continue offering the service for free.

“Since China announced the country would no longer accept recycling from the U.S., bottles, cans, plastic, and paper have become basically worthless,” according to WWLP.

Prior to the country’s decision, Waste Management earned nearly $80 for every ton of paper it collected. Now, it costs the company more to recycle the glass than it earns, which means it is much too expensive for cities to offer the service at no cost.

In January, Westfield’s Director of Public Works Dave Billips said the rising costs were going to have a “major impact” on his city’s finances.

“We’re looking at going from paying nothing to paying $500,000 a year,” he stated. more here

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  1. Get the tree huggers out of the way and it becomes economically viable to recycle here in this country – I cannot believe it costs less to ship it across the Pacific and process there

  2. It was a good idea…25 years ago.

    What is it with the left? Everything they back is like from last generation. Burning bras, protesting racism…. fudge man, you people are basically saying you’ve FAILED at everything for the past 50 years.

    So recycling doesn’t pay off, is that it? You’re gonna’ bitch and moan instead of figuring something out?

    Just wait. Some evil capitalist will come up with a solution and these choads will protest it.

  3. @Aaron Burr. You’re absolutely right. They’re also hell bent on bringing back 19th century technology like rail transportation.
    The left loves their rail. They also like box cars crammed full of dissenters.

  4. Looks like Teddy Kennedy got to Hell just under the wire.

    Lucifer said, “I’m tired of getting these shit politicians from Massachusetts. If Liz Warren thinks she’s going through the Gates, she’s sadly mistaken. Liz “Limbo” Warren can take her damn lies and crap to Heaven.”

  5. Put inmates on the separating lines 12 on, 12 off, 7 days a week, 365. Works for the Navy. After a 12 hour shift inmates won’t cause problems. Hot bunk em too. Just like the Navy does. If there’s a manpower shortage go down to the court house with a big net and a baseball bat. Just like the Navy used to do. Zero in on lawyers.

  6. If liberal burgs blow up the mandatory recycling programs they forced on us all, how will they justify the fee (tax) they charge to collect that second bin of garbage that was sorted by their taxpayers in order to ‘save the planet’ ?

    There’s no doubt they are spending that fee revenue (and more) on some other stupid municipal endeavor.

  7. “Recycling is becoming too expensive for many cities in Massachusetts to continue offering the service for free.”

    Gee whiz, free shit is expensive? Who would have ever thought that? Can’t wait to find out what my free health care is going to cost.


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