Red Flag Bill Passes House, Biden Quickly Signs into Law – IOTW Report

Red Flag Bill Passes House, Biden Quickly Signs into Law

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As the first major federal gun reform legislation in nearly 30 years, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act now heads to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

Just the night before, the bipartisan package passed through the Senate in a 65-33 vote, overcoming the major hurdle of the filibuster that left previous gun control bills at a dead end. More

The 14 House republicans who voted with the democrats. Here

Biden makes it official. Here

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  1. Appears to me as though the SCOTUS ruling last week pretty much would declare that so called Red Flag laws are unconstitutional

  2. If it isn’t repealed, how many legal firearm owners will legally protect their right to bear arms and their right to property and put down the people trying to infringe upon it?

    If none do, it will not matter, they win.

  3. I ask that you remember mitch McCONnell’s leadership style of “going along to get along” to pass all of the biden’s agenda.
    Not much difference from senator schumer, socialist leader of the senate

  4. Every single state already had laws and codified procedures in place by legislation to remove firearms from persons adjudicated a danger to themselves or others.

    Every single one.

    What does this law accomplish?

  5. Lowell : “ What does this law accomplish?”
    Well, it allows cops to remove firearms from persons who haven’t been adjudicated a danger to themselves or others. Adjudication being the key point.

  6. It gives them the ability to declare anybody a terrorist, anybody that speaks out against the ministry of truth.

    Also, at least another $TRILLION in spending.
    This is just one.
    Section 1898(b)(1) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C.
    1395iii(b)(1)) is amended by striking “fiscal year 2021, $5,000,000”
    and inserting “fiscal year 2022, $7,500,000,000”.

    That’s $7,500,000,000 annually.
    I sure their cronies are all ready lined up for free money.

  7. any dicksucker participating in a “red flag” process – proceed @ your own risk. ru faster than Pb?

  8. I’d like to see sleepy Joe enforce this.

    It’s not going to happen peacefully. Some ignorant new cop is gonna try to confiscate some vets guns and they’re gonna taste the resolve of what 2 tours in the sandbox created.

  9. How about he set a good examples by sicing them on his own Goddamned dis functional offspring? I’ll let Ann tell ya why that would never happen.

    “Have you noticed that the further a government descends into tyranny and evil, the thicker and thicker the code of statutes becomes? On the surface, one would think that flagrant law-breakers in positions of power would tend toward anarchy, removing the “roadblocks” from the law that might jeopardize or imperil them as they pursue ever-increasing levels of power through criminal activity. This is exactly wrong. DNs, because they define themselves as “elite”, need a metric against which to measure and quantify their “eliteness”. That metric is The Law, specifically the extent to which The LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM.

    It is precisely for this reason that DNs tend to be VERY enthusiastic about law qua law in a Pharisaical and tyrannical sense – because every new law is yet another potential way for the DN to manifest their superiority and otherness – by dispensing themselves from it. DNs wallow in hypocrisy like hogs wallow in fecal mud. If there were no law for DNs to dispense themselves from, there would be no distinction, no “otherness”, no over-and-aboveness relative to the unwashed masses.

    This is why satan and the demons are, in fact, legalists. They do not “love the law” in the good and healthy sense that we see and hear so often in scripture, and contemplate in the Fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary- the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, but in the sense that it is the law – and their shamelessly hypocritical flouting and breaking of it – that defines and “elevates” them above not only mankind, but also above the non-fallen angels, in their sick, warped, loveless rational intellects. And remember, DNs are the human analogues to demons”

  10. Can we file a complaint about a violation of civil rights? It would appear that there is a criminal conspiracy here. In such cases I think that all that is needed is an overt act. Passing that law sue looks like an overt act to me.

  11. So sick of these turncoat motherfuckers.
    Since this wart house seems to ignore SCOTUS decisions it doesn’t like,
    it would only be fair for us to ignore unconstitutional “legislation” they ram through.

  12. I’ve already alerted the authorities about 12 potential red flag violators.

    All cops and lawmakers.

    Hop to it.

    Make the system work for you.

  13. I think if someone said they would fire two shotgun blasts through the door,they should be red flagged.FJB

  14. I’m reporting chucku. Standing on the steps of a federal building and threating judges.Oh,and he has a gun too.

  15. If only Russia had waited. Until after The United States passed the Ukraine paperwork. Had put troops in the Ukraine. And, actually, smashed through the border.

    Then they could sue.

    Stupid communists.

  16. ^^^^^^Brain Dead Ura Peon.

    Truth be told, we had a shit load of Seals over there when this thing kicked off. And they killed a shit load of Russians. And Armor.

  17. Loose lips sink ships. BRAD.

    Just concentrate on reporting every single lawmaker and cop under these red flag laws. Everyone I’ve reported has an uncontrollable temper in public and has been seen abusing their spouse and children. Plus drugs.

    Have fun with it. Clog the system. Make people upset. Spread slanderous rumors. SUMMON THE GODZ OF CHAOS AND LET ANARCHY REIGN.

    But…….none of you will do that.

    This is why I’m sort of giving up on America and am slowly trying to pry Sonora from the rest of Mesiko. Not for America. Hell no. Those people are nuts. No. The Republic of Sonora is it’s own deal with it’s own history. Look it up.

    But….none of you will.

    It’s what this country lacks. Will.

    The will to anything.

    Ay yi yi….que lastima.

  18. Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, and why we died. All that matters is that today, two stood against many. Valor pleases you, so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, the HELL with you!

  19. The ‘boyfriend loophole’? THE ‘BOYFRIEND LOOPHOLE’? What about the freaking ‘girlfriend loophole’? This is so damn sexist it’s sickening. Those crazy bastards don’t even know what a woman is until they want to smear all males. I hate those crazy, leftist bastards with a passion.

  20. Burr, Waste of time. My solution. Call a Red Flag in on one of your buds. And every one else get ready for our version of Cross Fire Hurricane. Just sayen, fuck these assholes. They took an oath. Nothings off the table.

  21. Calling in a red flag on one of my “buds” would result in my house being burnt down and my dog getting killed. BEFORE the cops ever showed up.

    The greatest…well….not the greatest, but the most satisfying scam I ever helped with was putting a bunch of guns in the truck of a Russian embassy employee in S.F.

    Then we called it in.

    Fun. Fun. Fun. And nobody took our T-Bird away.

    The guy didn’t go to jail. Duh. Diplomatic immunity. Did it piss him off? Yup. Did it ruin his whole fuggin’ day. Yup. Did we hear about on the news? Yup. Did they ever find who did that? Nope.

    Call in red flag violations on the cops. It doesn’t do nothin’ besides create paper work…that creates it own paper work and so on ad infinitum. Every cop you see, report them for sexual harassment. Do I care what happens? Nope. Does it create an undue burden on the system? Yep.

    Hell, get creative and stash drugs on cops for a change.

    Something interesting is bound to happen.

  22. Yeah. I know what you meant you entrapment orientated FedGov operative.

    I shant play along.

    Hang on….getting your contact info from Fur in order to swat you….

  23. Make yourself useful for once and look up the bullet catching trick. I need a gun built for my apprentice.

    And don’t talk about it.

  24. I think I see what Burr is trying to do. I used to never put in PCRs because I knew they went nowhere. Then I got gigged on a no-climb pole where I didn’t put in a PCR. So fuck that. I put in PCRs on every legitimate, uhh, PCR type stuff. I put in a PCR for every job I did. All legitimate.

    You know what happened next? Nothing.

  25. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Seriously though….it’s an expensive trick. I need it built by someone who knows how gunz work so’s I don’t kill my apprentice.

  26. usually, you can’t ‘red flag’ someone that’s not a relative, unless you are a ‘healthcare worker’ that has treated someone, or a LEO (varies by state)

    that being said … haven’t read what the National Socialists Leaders of America just passed

  27. Literally the first fuggin thing I said was don’t talk about it and this greenhorn gets on an international platform to crow.

    Actually I was thinking of going with a standard AR or AK platform. Penn and Teller do the trick with a chrome .357 with a laser sight.

    I think that in today’s society, nothing would tap into peoples primal fears like pointing a big scary long gun at a child’s face, pulling the trigger with the LOUD menacing report and watching the child fall….man. That will totally fug peoples minds up. Then the apprentice gets up with the bullet in the teeth.

    Wonderful effect.

  28. Burr, Erik, have you noticed nobody appreciates our creative bickering? WTF is wrong with these people? No Funny Bone.

  29. Brad. I think you’re equating the lack of responses to a lack of appreciation. That is a mistake. Speaking for myself, I’m calling it a night, today was at first day I felt real good since Covid kicked in. I’m still a bit rundown but I like seeing people bump heads, so keep it up!

  30. ^^^^^^^

    …..because it’s a trick?

    It’s just a question of how well it’s done. Come by Casa Del Burr for Halloween and see the Indian rope trick performed. I cut up a small child at the top of a rope and place the parts in a basket.

    Something something something and (hopefully) the kid pops out of the basket relatively intact.

    Please note, I will not be using my apprentice for this trick. Apprentices are hard to come by. Small children are a dime a dozen.

  31. I put in a PCR on the crossbox in Adams Morgan. The SAC box was open to the weather due to a drunk hitting it. All bent up. I was there one afternoon and my Brother was driving by.

    “What’s up?”

    “Fucking box.”

    “Hey, let’s close this bitch.”

    I was like, “I don’t know… it’s twisted up… yeah, we should close it.”

    We closed it. Then the company was getting hammered with DONs. THEN the Company started noticing. That was the only time we ever made a difference at the Company level.

  32. Also, eat a clove raw garlic you cantankerous calamitous caterwauling collection of creatine and carbon.

    You’ll feel much better. Eat it with some apple slices and milk because even though you’ve been horribly mutilated and radiated at the hands of ‘Doctors’ you’ll still squeeze out some bitch tears at the all the fiery bitterness.

    You’re welcome in advance.

  33. My apprentice is smallish.., but small children, like 9 or 10 years old don’t mind being sliced up near as much as teenagers do. Plus, I gotta’ carry all the parts to the basket. I like to do it in one trip.

  34. Raw garlic doesn’t phase me. I can see apple and milk helping, but I’ve been known to munch on a raw garlic clove without any help. And the doctors never jabbed me, so I’m still free of mRNA. I did the ivermectin and HCQ but one additional supplement that doesn’t get a lot of press is Azithromyicin. That was a big help in keeping any infection out of my lungs. I was starting to feel that take place when I remembered that I had the AZ, within 2 hours it was making a big difference.

  35. Raw garlic builds the immune system and attacks….I dunno’…junk in your system. At the very worst, it’ll do nothing. Optimally, you should get a rush and be able to clear the lungs out.

  36. Raw garlic is a rush! You’d be well advised to have someone that really does love you, or be a bachelor for the night. I wouldn’t recommend it as a way of impressing a new date.

  37. No. The raw garlic has all the short lived anti oxidants and anti inflammatory crap and anti-septics and whatever else it does.

    Cutting it or squeezing it or brineing it changes the chemical composition enough to rob it of its full potency.

    Just peel and eat. Trust me. I HATE it. But…… it works for me.

  38. The absolute #1 best reason to eat raw garlic is it’s a great asshole repellent. That’s a great health benefit right there!

    And apples? Milk? I recommend a nice rich tasty olive oil. Teaspoon of oil, a couple cloves of garlic. Works great!

    It is vitally important, though, to make sure that anybody you want to kiss is also on a garlic eating kick.

  39. All the people I want to kiss cannot STAND any magic I do because it scares the hell out of them.

    Now, since no one wants to build a gun…..gonna’ need some new creative ideas on how best to kill my apprentice……on stage… part of an act.


  40. Chris Angel has a pretty good trick of pulling a body in half on a park bench. That could be worth practicing.

  41. Chris Angel? CHRIS ANGEL!?!?!?!?!?

    Why that hack….everybody with a soul patch and a deck of cards thinks they are a magician these days. Bah. Magic is about mystery…..illusion… and cheating drunks at bars.

    Cut my apprentice in half….as if. No, I need to steamroller them or something. Maybe a tank. Everybody likes tank magic.

  42. Or…..toss a sheet over them and then light them up with a flamethrower……..who doesn’t like seeing young people get immolated?

  43. Garlic? Pff, Testo shots, Creatine, DHEA, and a metric ton of Protein a day and living in the gym. Life’s good.

  44. Don’t you have some teenagers you need sawn in half? I can do it once a day for you and twice on Sundays.

    Hell, I’ll even let you cut them in half. It’s fun.
    “I don’t know!!”
    saw saw saw


  45. Kill somebody on stage, huh? I bet with your X-treme mechanical skillz you could gimmick up a big wood chipper (Vermeer makes some big uns) to make it look like you throw your apprentice in one end and have some mixed road kill and butcher scraps come flying out the other. There’s gotta be some way to build in a place to hide the (living) body.

    It has to be something industrial, not one of those puny ones like in Fargo.

    I may have an inspired dream of theatrical death tonight, and if I come up with another spectacular idea I’ll post in the morning.


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