Red-light camera revenue hit the brakes

Business Insider: As Americans stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, they’re driving fewer miles.

That’s great news for everyone: Air pollution is falling, crashes are down, and there’s no blood-pressure inducing congestion.

Well, almost everyone. For the companies that operate drivers’ most-hated devices — red light cameras — it’s causing a headache.

Redflex, an Australian company that operates “traffic safety programs” in roughly 100 US and Canadian cities, warned that less traffic and suspended construction amid the pandemic will be a stress on its balance sheet. more

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  1. Roxanne
    You don’t have to put on the red light
    Those days are over…

    But wait…. I thot it wuz all about the SAFETY!!
    Cue the big Nelson “Ha! Ha!”

  2. @Thirdtwin — Good point! They’ll just be re-purposed for some even MORE intrusive subject control.

    Red light → “social distancing” → Curfew → MAGA hats?

  3. …no worries, I’m sure friendly Democrat mayors will be happy to ladle more of OUR money to them to help them through this difficult time, that they may be available to automate more slices of tyranny later…with some, eh, “carrying charges” taken out, of course, and maybe if they “hire” a wastrel son or a shiftless brother-in-law as well…

  4. They’re going to make much more fining you for going outside, surfing, walking in the park, holding hands with your honey. Putting gas in a gas can for your generator when they turn out the lights. Jail. They see dollar signs everywhere.

  5. With so many businesses closed and workers not working and not paying taxes, how do the various States and Cities plan on dealing with the lost tax income?

    Be ready for it, they will find a way and it will involve your wallet in one way or another.

  6. Are the dead red light cameras gonna be counted as a Chinese virus death ?…. and are the lost revenues gonna be eligible for the stimulus bailout?…..

  7. I have my doubts about our recovery time frame, speed cameras may be the lest of our troubles.

  8. Pffft… that’s CHUMP change!

    NARCING out the neighbors – for playing in their backyard WITHOUT a mask and NOT encased in bubblewrap; that’s where the B-I-G bucks are NOW!!! 🙄

  9. I work in the transportation field and attended meetings a couple decades ago and can say without reservation that I never met a single person with any integrity whatsoever who was connected with that industry. To assume that things have changed would be naive.

  10. It will all work out in the end. I’m expecting when this is over to be taxed to the limit and rates on my utilities to rise. There’s no such thing as this free money being advertised.

  11. Mrs. RadioMattM and I went for a drive last week. Even with the reduced traffic we went through one town with a bunch of traffic signals and got stopped by every single one of them.

    I have read that a number of studies have found that when a red light camera is installed, the length of the yellow light is reduced. It ain’t safety, it’s money.

  12. All they have to do is review their records and send out tickets on a regular schedule to everyone who ever got a camera induced ticket. See, according to the Leftards, if you were now allowed to be out driving your history would suggest that you would get a traffic ticket, so ergo here is your ticket, ‘Pay up’!

  13. @Deplorable Second Class April 5, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    > Yes our money hungry government will be the last to take a hit.

    Never fear! Loyal citizen! As long as you think of it that way, that hit will never come.

  14. @ ghost of brig gen j glover – Wait ’till you get double-diddled by the dangling dong of douche-bag destiny! A buddy of mine got two tickets in the mail for speeding on the same street by two speed cameras placed 1/2 mile from each other, both on Carnegie Ave in the city of Cleveland. Doesn’t make sense, couldn’t contest it, spoke to a lawyer who told him it’s going to cost a minimum of four times the fine, or more to fight the city! Lovely racket they got going there!!

  15. Red light cameras were our first instance of sheeple-ness. We never should have tolerated them. Torn them down or paint the faces black – whatever.

    Event the Italians will cut down street signals they don’t like.
    We eat shit and pretend it’s chocolate.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. The problem with red light cameras is that when you get a ticket from them it is a CIVIL offense. When a cop gives you one a block away,i t is a CRIMINAL offense and you are entitled to legal proceedings, like a jury trial. With camera tickets, your rights are abrogated to a “hearing officer.” Good luck with that.
    In simple terms, red light cameras are unconstitutional. Accepting them is no different than giving up any of you other rights, like 1A, 2A, 4A, etc.


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