Red-Pilled Tim Pool Shoots to #2 on iTunes With a Music Video – IOTW Report

Red-Pilled Tim Pool Shoots to #2 on iTunes With a Music Video

HollywoodIntoTo –

Pool, a former progressive who evolved given the modern political scene, wrote and sings lead on “Only Ever Wanted” via his Timcast Records label. The atmospheric track features veteran rock drummer Pete Parada, formerly of The Offspring.

Parada left the band last year under challenging circumstances. He refused to get one of several COVID-19 vaccines, causing a permanent fissure with his band mates.

5 Comments on Red-Pilled Tim Pool Shoots to #2 on iTunes With a Music Video

  1. I like Tim, listen to him regularly but not buying any of his CD’s.

    It is a testimony to the absolute insanity the left now embraces when folks like Tim, Joe Rogan, Glen Greenwald, James Lindsay, Michael Malice, and to some extent Bill Maher, when they figure out that the right is the party of personal freedom and a conduit for greater agency in one’s life.

  2. Not especially my cup of tea. I get enough real life haunting images without adding freebies.

    I enjoy an occasional podcast though.

  3. Because of talent or curiosity? Regardless he sounds better than me.

  4. I didn’t find it particularly enjoyable to listen to.

    As for me, I “Only ever wanted” to live in a free country.

  5. Indices – I am with you. I am somewhat desperate for sympathetic words and vibes. I want you find the good in mankind. But… in the parable of the seeds Matt 23 1-23. Mark 4:1-20 and Luke 8:4-15 all Jesus talking here. Only 1 out of 4 seeds takes root and grows with 30. 60 and 100 % growth. That says to me 3 out of 4 souls are bamboozled, believe the lies and are thus doomed. Is Christ wrong? NO. He is warning us. If it was easy to enter heaven… would the Creator of the Universe send a “one and only Son, who is God. To die the terrible death of a criminal, on a cross (crucifixion being the worst death a terrifying Roman govt could come up with) in public, to satisfy a Holy God in a Holy Eternity, and His only offspring who was every bit as perfect as His Father, to save this pathetic 25% of created humankind, is almost unbelievable. But true. How do I know? I’ve seen the proof. I know. And so I believe. Now others must ask Him like I did. Show me Lord. And He did. And He will. He does. Just ask Him.


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