“Red wave, blue grave” – Flyover Folk Feeling the Love for Trump – IOTW Report

“Red wave, blue grave” – Flyover Folk Feeling the Love for Trump

Liberty Nation: Midterms. With only a handful of weeks until flyover folks head to the polls, political signs are popping up in Main Street windows, lining neighborhood sidewalks, and dotting the countryside. They are mostly red.

In between discussing final harvest dates, the local high school team’s football record, and bragging about whose kids are coming home for the holidays, talk inevitably turns to politics.

And Heartlanders are hopping mad at the circus unfolding in the Senate as democrats employ theatrics to debase the 229-year old process in which a Supreme Court Justice is installed.  George Washington would not have allowed this nonsense.

And neither would Boswell, Indiana crop farmer, Brad, 44, who with great frustration exclaimed:

“I have three sons.  I am beyond disgusted with the Democrats.  And I am a Democrat.  Now I am afraid to death to send my oldest son, who is a senior, to college with the anti-conservative bias in our University system.  Come November, I’m voting red.  First generation in my family to do so, and I’m bringing the rest with me.”  MORE

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  1. Has Nate Silver given us his % predictions for the midterms? Is he still saying that Felonia vonPantsuit has a 98% coast to 1600?

  2. The antics of the Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee are all but guaranteeing more and more “Breitbarts” being born out of independents and moderate Dem voters…and all just in time for the Mid Terms!

  3. I can’t wait until November. I have had enough with the slimy democ rats I hope there are millions more that feel the same.

  4. Never ceases to amaze me that people around here are dems dating from and because of the Civil War…..”I was borned a democrat, I’ll die a democrat”. Obstinate dumbasses. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid.

    I’m optimistic about America’s chances for continued TRUMPification in November, but thing is, the left will never quit nor STFU.

  5. Dems can lie and obstruct and delay,
    And the media never will say,
    That the Blue Wave is off,
    That it’s now a Blue Trough,
    And a Red Tide is coming their way.

  6. I am a bit concerned with voter complacency. It is easy to imagine these blue bastards electronically hacking their way to a win. God help us, all.

  7. I see a lot of huge, 3′ X 5′ “Beto” signs, and only a few small 10″ X 12″ ‘Cruz” signs.
    If this is the same indicator as last election, Beto’s going to lose is ass off.

  8. “..and I’m bringing the rest with me.”

    Don’t just walk away, bring everyone you know.

    If this shows up in the election, it’ll destroy the left. All that pissing and moaning dominating the Enemedia will be refuted in spades.

    How crazy dey gone bee den?

    Keep your ammo dry.


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