Reddit Bans “The Donald,” YouTube Removes Malyneux


Social media site Reddit on Monday shut down r/The_Donald, a forum which long served as a popular online home base for fans of President Donald Trump, saying it violated the site’s hate speech rules.

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  1. Republicans should just move to, and create their own social media websites and apps. It’s a SECEDING process, and you have to accept that and move on, can’t live side-by-side with these people.

    Figure it out already and stop pouting about it.

  2. Marxism thrives on racial grievances, and they’ve spent years paying the groundwork.
    This might be the year they go for it.

  3. I’ve spent too much time on reddit trolling lib logic and gave up today and closed my account before they had the satisfaction of banning me. I’ve been placed in the penalty box and received ample warning I’m not welcome many times. Use instead of r/donald and for Molyneux videos. The thing about the internet it’s real hard to shutdown speech, it will always be out there, just sometimes the location changes. You never see libs get kicked off conservative sites because their ‘logic’ doesn’t work and we enjoy a good laugh.

    Libs are even more desperate – the election must be getting closer.

  4. OMG…they did ban Stefan Molyneux! UNBELIEVABLE! Is it because he makes too much sense?
    He’s a philosopher. I enjoyed his topics sometimes. I can’t say I was a regular, but I did watch him. I really enjoyed his film / doc about the protesters in Hong Kong. It was really well done. Maybe that did him in? Does anyone have an idea of why this happened? We’re all doomed. This has got to stop!

  5. Twitter has already become not just a place to rid themselves of Conservatives or non political people, but it has become a place of getting rid of libs the libs don’t agree with. In other words, the twitter world will implode, because superficially judgmental people always kill off their own. It’s very Naziesque: Eventually, there will be too many brown hair/eyed people when they really only wanted blonde and blue eyed people. Then… they’ll only want the TALL blue eyed blondes- so on and so forth.
    Twitter exists on leftist misery. Period.

  6. Yeah, tell me again how the Russians keep interfering with our elections? The Russians haven’t done shit comparatively to what Google and these other California-based tech companies are doing to interfere with elections.. Why is no one talking about this?

  7. Just a coinkadink that Stef Moly gets (Youtube) canceled, Trump on twitch (Amazon) banned, Reddit (Chicoms) purges r/theDonald, and Twitter bagged Sidney Powell (Flynn’s lawyer) all yesterday?

  8. They just announced that boogaloo was deleted from Facebook. Anyone who believed that a revolution could be conducted or perhaps you would be able to communicate with your comrades though the internet was gravely mistaken.

  9. @Frank Poncherello June 30, 2020 at 11:32 am

    > Figure it out already and stop pouting about it.

    If conservatives can’t pout, whatever will they do?

  10. Meanwhile, their front page was populate with memes comparing people who don’t wear masks to the KKK and too many hate filled communist posts brimming with conspiracy theories to count.

    As I said, I’m done. Uninstalled their bullshit tout suite.


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