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Reddit Reader Makes Case That #BLM Members Are Violating the Civil Rights Act


The Civil Rights Act of 1968 enacted 18 U.S.C. § 245(b)(2) permits federal prosecution of anyone who “willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person’s race, color, religion or national origin” [1] because of the victim’s attempt to engage in one of six types of federally protected activities, such as attending school, patronizing a public place/facility, applying for employment, acting as a juror in a state court or voting. Persons violating this law face a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both.”


There was a girl studying in one of the study rooms in Novack and the protestors stormed the room. She closed the door on one of the protestors which resulted in rage from many protestors. The girl then exited silently through the crowd while protestors screamed at her calling her a white b*tch.

According to Mediate, things didn’t stop there.

In a critical editorial, the conservative Dartmouth Review listed some of the epithets hurled by the protesters: “F*ck you, you filthy white f*cks!” “F*ck you and your comfort!” “F*ck you, you racist sh*ts!”

In addition, the Review reports that some of protesters became physically violent: “Men and women alike were pushed and shoved by the group. ‘If we can’t have it, shut it down!’ they cried. Another woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who unleashed their insults, shouting ‘filthy white b*tch!’ in her face.”

Will Loretta Lynch investigate and prosecute?

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  1. Like the Phillie Voter intimidation case where a bunch of scraggily ex junkie Black Panthers stood at polling locations with wooden sticks and blocking old white people from voting… Dont expect any DOJ investigation. Or any of the too numerous to list other ignored cases.

    Liberals need to be jailed. They are violent haters. Schools need to be sued by parents of child victims for creating “unsafe spaces” for their children. But, no conservative group will be organized to provide legal help for these victims because our side is stupid and disorganized. There should be hundreds of injunctions/restraining orders already served on these punk organizers and college presidents forbidding the unanswered aggression and intimidation of normal students.

    The National Guard and State Police should be on these campuses by orders of the goveners, enforcing these court orders and arresting the violent school officials and professors organizing the riots and the violent activist students. These people are terrorists and need to be removed from the safe spaces on campus.

  2. Screaming “Fuck you, white bitch!” in my face will do nothing to bring me over to your side. It just makes me want to shoot you.

  3. people who have the possibility of being confronted by these Leftist assholes should get body cameras for themselves.

    Amazon has one for only $20 bucks that looks like a shirtbutton, fits in a buttonhole, records both video and sound.

    Take the evidence to local prosecutors & police and DEMAND your civil rights be enforced. Take the evidence to the Conservative media and they will YouTube that shit all over the internets.

    no more Mr Nice Guy!

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