RedforEd Protest Against Secretary of Education DeVos Fizzles in Arizona

Breitbart- A #RedforEd protest against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos fizzled in Arizona on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday evening, dozens of protesters stood outside the Westin Kierland where ALEC is holding its meeting. Many of the protesters were with Puente Arizona or the #RedForEd movement,” Arizona Central reported:

The chanted “DeVos has got to go” and held up signs that read “ALEC not welcome here” and “Betsy DeVos is no Betsy Ross.”

Katie Nash, a Chandler science teacher, said she attended the protest to oppose any statewide expansion of voucher programs. DeVos, she said, champions vouchers but ignores public schools.

“She keeps pushing for vouchers to try to privatize schooling,” she said.

The turnout of protesters was below what organizers had hoped for, and far less than the tens of thousands that turned out to support the demands of the #RedforEd movement when the national movement launched in Arizona in the spring of 2018.

Arizona Educators United (AEU), the local #RedforEd group, aggressively promoted attendance at the protest by Arizona public school teachers for well over a month.

Unphased by the small group of #RedforEd protesters outside the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting, Secretary DeVos delivered a speech promoting charter schools and parental choice, as Fox 10 Phoenix reported:

“Arizona is a real leader in giving parents and students the kind of freedom that they need to find their right fit for education, and I’m so grateful for the example that you are setting here,” DeVos said, seated next to Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on the sidelines of a conference of conservative legislators.

DeVos is pushing her plan to create “Education Freedom Scholarships” allowing businesses and individuals to get 100% federal tax credits for donations to scholarship-granting groups. The Republican is a major backer of school vouchers and formerly led the American Federation for Children, which promotes the programs in Arizona and other states.


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  1. Way to go Betsy! Break the stranglehold teachers unions have on not only education, but the local/state/federal politicians too.

    Privatization would instantly improve education outcomes for all students, lower costs, increase access, and dare I say it, make it fun again.

    It would also break the stranglehold of indoctrination that government has. By going back to STEM classes, the USA could compete again on the world stage.

  2. I firmly believe that the FedGov Dept of Edumakation has got to go. It’s UnConstitutional, a waste of our tax money, and a pusher and promoter of public unions.
    That said, for the time being, the Dept of Education needs to tie FedGov education dollars to teaching certain school subjects, top among them the Founding Fathers, the Founding Documents (Decl of Indep, Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Common Sense, The Rights of Man). Return a sense of civics and responsibility to our schools.

  3. Red For Ed started out as a movement to promote better pay for teachers and it was popular then. Now that it’s been taken over by leftist idiots and used as a political front….not so much..

  4. “Betsy DeVos is no Betsy Ross.”

    …that’s a stupid slogan. I mean, the CONTENT is asinine and all, but even WITHOUT speaking to how dumb the POINT is, the slogan by ITSELF is bad.

    It’s too long, it’s NOT memorable,it connects things it makes ZERO sense to connect (Betsy Ross wasn’t known for her teaching), isn’t alliterative or assonant, and as someone said above, may even be interpreted as meaning Betsy DeVoss is GOOD because these SAME folks tried to paint Betsy ROSS (very, very wrongly) as a rayyyciss.

    Not even the same number of syllables between Ross and DeVoss. Sad.

    …I guess this just expands from ‘the Left can’t meme’, but geeze, we keep LOSING to these chuckleheads even WITH this weak material. CNN may suck, but they REALLY dumbed down even the ADVERTISING expectations of the post-Pepsi generation, so you apparently don’t even need to be CREATIVE to sway them any more…

  5. TOXIC

    You would, like I, be a big fan of Ronny! every year, 8 straight years, he submitted a budget for Dept. Ed of $0, ZERO, NO MORe DEPT!


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