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Redistricting Case Threatens Dems’ House Majority

Dan Bongino:

The U.S. Census counts illegal aliens as part of our population, and as such, they expand the number of House seats that areas with larger illegal populations end up having (among other consequences). Since illegal aliens tend to reside in a select few states that have more “sanctuary” type policies, it’s blue States that get their representation amplified at the expense of red States.

One estimate from the Center for Immigration Studies last year found that just from this most current census alone, the inclusion of illegal aliens will cost Ohio, Alabama, and Minnesota each a seat, while giving an extra seat to California, New York, and Texas. If we’re to count Ohio as a red state, that’s three red states losing a seat (with one offset by Texas’ gain) while two blue states will gain seats. And that’s just from the 2020 census – not the cumulative effects of counting illegals in population.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today from the Trump administration in favor of excluding illegals from the Census’ figures used to determine each state’s representation in the House. If they hear the case and side with sanity, Democrats’ already-slim majority in the House will take a permanent cut on top of that. read more

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  1. DHS should have a department that collects and exports illegal, The constitution does not grant rights to illegal aliens. See the preamble.

  2. I remember in 2016 a few of the liberals I cross paths with would ask me why I like Trump. My short answer was always “he fights!”. The guy is still fighting! I love that guy!!

  3. I should have added that he is not just fighting for himself, he is fighting for us! Remember, it’s not him they’re after, it’s us.

  4. The news of never having to listen to that wretched old hag Pelosi again would be something close to orgasmic.

  5. Lord God, please have favor on our country once more.

    Have mercy and allow your Truth to pour out on us to bring back your presence in our society, government, education and entertainment once more.


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