Redneck windshield washer

Steve McGranahan- you tube

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  1. Only a god fearing american red neck could think of that. A mexican would have usd a tamale wrapper to wipe the window. Dream on people.
    America has the best of the best…

  2. My Mister can fix anything. He fixed the Neighbors Brand new snow blower with a piece of cardboard. He fixed my old wash machine with a 12 dollar part just so he could give it away.
    But I sure like my new Speed Queen better.

  3. That’s a dumb redneck. He should have poked a few holes in the cap with a one of his old lady’s fixin’ needles and taped it to the arm, not the blade.

  4. I’m sure that works real well when it’s 15 degrees out there…
    How bout just filling the windshield washer reservoir with the right stuff. That’s not that old of a car for it to fail.
    Oh wait… it probably all froze up cuz Bubba used water…

  5. @rat fink – his wife tore the reservoir off, along with the bumper, when she wrecked the car. If you listen, he tells us that.

    Yet another reason wimmin’s shouldn’t drive….

    (ducks and runs)

  6. Saw a redneck with a tent stove in what was left of an Iroc-Z once. Had the stove pipe out the window. Damn fool nearly burned to death.


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