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Washington Redskins Likely to be Renamed Before 2020 Season

PHenry wants a shot at renaming them. Leave suggestions in the comments.


“This process allows the team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the franchise but also input from our alumni, the organization, sponsors, the National Football League and the local community it is proud to represent on and off the field,” team owner Dan Snyder said in a statement.

Notably, FedEx Corp., which sponsors the Redskins’ home stadium FedEx Field, asked the team to change its name. In a related move, Nike pulled all Redskins apparel from its online store.

“In the last few weeks we have had ongoing discussions with Dan and we are supportive of this important step,” NFL Commissioner Robert Goodell added. Goodell has previously supported the team name.

This newest call to action regarding the Redskins’ name follows a wave of introspection and policy changes from companies across the globe fueled by Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis, MN on May 25 as a result of police brutality.

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  1. The Washington Cuckholds.

    The Washington Whimps.

    I know it will be hard to fit on the jersey, but The Washington BLM Foot Washing PC Caving Sellouts.

    In remembrance of one of our favorite swamp critters, The Washington Weiners.

  2. War Hawks – Kind of like the Shitcago Blackhawks or After the WW2 Fighter from Curtis Aviation

  3. The Washington Woke (are they allowed to use “Washington” still is “Washington” now triggering

  4. Change the mascot to a potato and keep the name. The NFL cancelled itself, they just don’t know it yet.

  5. Can’t use Washington either. He’s been cancelled.

    I suggest Sodomy City PowerBottoms

  6. The gutless, spineless, directionless, anywhere the political wind blows Milquetoasts – formerly known as the Redskins. And have Prince’s logo as their team emblem.

  7. We used to live down the street from the training camp and occasionally you’d happen upon Coach Gibbs at the stop light. One day he got out and went to Mr. Conduct’s window to offer kind words about Jesus Christ.

    So, knowing the DC landscape as I do and knowing how the Coach honored God and Country and how disgusted he may be, I’m with the Babylon Bee and hereby nominate:

    The Washington LIZARD PEOPLE

    “Politicians immediately expressed their support for the name change, saying they can relate to a team called the Lizard People. ‘I see a name like Lizard People, and I know that’s a team I can be proud of,’ said Adam Schiff, his eyes hungrily following a fly buzzing around the room.” – BB

  8. @MJA,

    You had me at ‘The Felons’, but ‘Foreskins’ really covers it!!

    (Sorry, I’m a dorkfish. I somehow hit the tab key combo and it published before I could add my info.)

  9. You’re right. Can’t use Washington, the slave owner, either.

    National Capitol Deep State Paper Shufflers.
    I can almost hear the team fight song now.

    🎶Hail to the Shufflers!!! Hail mediocrity!!! Deep State on the warpath. Fight for old DC.

    Oh wait a minute. District of Columbia has also been erased. Because Columbus.

  10. There was a time the minorities clamored to be recognized in such a manner, I guess those days are gone.

  11. …doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re too wussy to play if they might get a cold anyway, so probably won’t be a season if anyone sneezes…

  12. A few decades ago, I was in Tule Mexico near Oaxaca and met with Redskins, handsome faces, deep red color. They were not liked locally and kept to themselves at a village nearby…locals wanted them to die off but they had been there since about 1820 and considered themselves to be Sioux…having raided this far south but too far to return. My family watched them get on a bus which took them home and it was only for them…so, the truth will die with me and the racist Leftist pigs will win their fight over an argument that is completely fabricated. I was in Oaxaca again this last November and was told that they have been shot at like empty cans and that their recessive red gene is finally being replaced through rape and abandonment by their men..

  13. The Bloods

    NY can be the Crips….Now there’s a Game I’d watch…on TV safely at a

    Sports Bar near Me

  14. Who even gives a you know what. The NBA has decided to paint Black Lives Matter on the court floor. The NFL will be playing the black national anthem before the true national anthem. The Butthurt left is demanding history be removed. NASCAR is caving to the left. The only thing I truly hope for is multiple teams filing bankruptcy, empty stadium and cities stuck for with taxpayer funded stadiums they extorted from us.

  15. I couldn’t care less.

    The last year the Broncos won the Super Bowl was 2015. The following year’s opener was against their SB opponent, The Panthers. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw several players refuse to stand for the Anthem.

    I was even more surprised that the GM, Elway, coddled these fuckwad players. That was the last NFL I watched and haven’t missed it at all.

    Such a simple pleasure and REgressives just got to fuck it up.

    I see the same rumblings happening now in the only sport I look forward to watching although the ’20 season has pretty much been cancelled. I hate to be cynical but they’ll fuck up ATP tennis too.

  16. The Washington RedBlackBrownYellowWhiteEveryColorUnderTheSunSkins, aka The Inclusive Diversity Skins

    Have we gotten ridiculously absurd enough yet?

    Wait, I just had another idea: The Washington Libskins.

  17. The MidAtlantic Snow Storm.
    Gets rid of the dreaded Washington.
    And a mid Atlantic snow storm stops all movement. Pretty accurately describes the team at this point.

  18. The DEADSKINS.
    I’m surprised knowbody mentioned this yet. It’s what we always called them while I was growing up outside DC.

  19. Bobcat JULY 3, 2020 AT 2:13 PM
    “The Bloods

    NY can be the Crips….Now there’s a Game I’d watch…on TV safely at a

    Sports Bar near Me”

    …you know, you might be onto something…we’ve been repressing them FAR too long with the White Man’s Rules, maybe now that the stadia are safely empty of innocent bystanders (since the tuff guys can’t survive a sneeze), we can let them do it REALLY in accordance to dey kultur. End drug testing, let ’em go at it all on crack, meth, Ripple, whatever their pleasure is, run the ball any old way, shoot each other for “dissing” on the line of scrimmage as long as they use the Nubian Football Leauge-mandated sideways grip, the bench playas can burn each other’s locker rooms down during game play so they have nowhere to rest, fully stock the gift kiosks so they have something to loot, and provide stupid White girls for their post-game entertainment just like in real life, and they can compete for who fathers the most illegitimate babies in a season and who knocks dey baby momma out for the longest time without killing her.

    …yeah, the came CAN be freshed up to modern “kultural” standards…it will be a LOT more entertaining as long as we’re watching it on TV, but they WILL have to tell us it’s a GAME since the NFL can EASILY be confused with a George Floyd riot these days anyway, and this will make it even HARDER to discrimi…I mean, tell them apart (whew!)….

    The Super Bowl can be renamed the Dindu Dome. The Lombardi Trophy will need to be changed to the Floyd 40, though, which has the added benefit that it can be filled with gasonline and thrown at riot cops during the post-game celebration…

  20. Are there any actual MEN left in the NFL anywhere?

    I didn’t think so.

    No Patriots, either.

    Not even in New England.

  21. Just a question. Will it be a criminal offense to show up at the stadium to wear an Art Monk, Daryl Green or John Riggins Jersey?

    That’s next, right?

  22. Why doesn’t someone, somewhere just say “Screw You” to these people (who think they know everything) and continue on with their business as usual? They just might be surprised at the support they get for staying the course!!

  23. …and the most IMPORTANT part in making the NFL more culturally sensitive is to get rid of any and all officiating.

    …you can tell the officiating is rayciss because it has a VERY disparate impact on Black playas, who numerically have FAR more penaties than the few White players still in the leauge. I’m SURE Referee Brutailty can’t be far behind Time to defund the Officiating Department.

    …and there’s no reason to think the playas can come to totally civilized agreement on everything by THEMSELVES, just between Black men, without any annoying officials, right? Sure, they’ll be fine, what can possibly go wrong…

  24. How about the Washington Chicken Shits? Or the Washington Rollovers, or the Washington Foreskins?

  25. “The Washington Subcutaneous Fatty Shit Tanks With Their No Brains Heads Up Their Asses Kneeling For The National Anthem”

  26. SNS ….Dayum !!!!!

    Beer thirty in Little Torch Key….With a T-Storm rollin in…Front Porch

    drinkin at it’s finest.

  27. I wrote them off years ago for the lack of ability despite spending vast amounts of money to secure supposed “talent”. They can wear dashikis for a uniform & call themselves the Washington Kunta Kintes for all I care.

  28. If the rich owner had any guts, he’s shut down the entire operation, sell all his assets and be done with it. No more NFL team in Washington. He can use the money from the sale to buy companies or stock in companies that won’t be subject to dictation from liberals. If he’s rich enough, the income from a football team is negligible. For most owners, it’s a hobby or it’s for prestige.

    This kowtowing to madness has gone over the line to giving in to liberal demands without a whimper.

  29. We need @trf
    I will attempt to fill in. Inadequately.

    The Washington Bootlicking Asshat DeepState Hemorrhoid encrusted Dimwit blue state mouth breathers.

    See? @trf is much better at this than I am.

  30. Change NFL to Nadless Footwashing Losers and name all the teams with 7 random consonants so there can never be any association with any word that might mean something.

  31. Can’t mention “Washington”. He was white.

    Can’t mention “DC”. It stands for “District of Columbia”, named after Columbus.

    Just call them The Federal Fappers and be done with it.

  32. How about The Isotopes? Nope, would probably have to pay Matt Groenig royalties.
    The Atoms? Nope, same problem
    The Xir? That has possibilities. Gender neutral
    The Participants? Ooh, I like that one. Don’t have to worry about competing.

  33. What will the cowards give up next? Will they give up their body parts to please the extortionists?

  34. The Washington Soy Boys

    The Washington Jellyfish – so spineless not one player will ever be injured

    The Swamp Creatures

    No Name

    The Poofters

    The Eunuchs

    Washington Justice Warriors

    The Washington No Whites

  35. There’s going to be a ’20 season? Don’t let Fauci know about this!

    I’m late to this contest and haven’t read through all the suggestions, but I’ll suggest:

    Broke, Out-of-Bidness

    S’all I got. S’all I care.

  36. My Petey B has an idea.

    How about the D.C. Unbleached Elastic Starfishes!

  37. OK. I’ve got it!

    The Mid Atlantic Pandemics!

    No Washington. No warrior like references.

    The Pandemocrats!

    Oh never mind.

  38. Washington Swampters…Sheepskins…Foreskins…Lambskins…Trojan Horses…Blueskins…Bullchippers

  39. I don’t know who said it first but my favorite answer to this is, keep the name and change the emblem to a potato. If they did that I would immediately be a fan, and I would buy souvenirs. That’s probably the only way I’d be a fan of the NFL.

  40. First and ten on the potatoes 20. Ohh and the potatoes QB gets smashed in the backfield for a sack. They’re gonna have to whip up a new game plan if they’re gonna win this bowl game.

  41. The Washington Grifters. In honor to the city in which they call home. Does not matter a bit to me. The NFL lost me many moons ago. See what I did there?!

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