RedState Unloads On Jim Hoft

Fake News King Gateway Pundit Proves He’s Not Just A Bad Reporter, He’s A Bad Person

That’s quite a headline from a guy, Jim Jamitis, whose colleague (who he references in his piece), Susan Wright, is amongst the most vile cretins on the internet.

If you support Trump you’re a Branch Trumpidian, Melania Trump wears plastic Bond-o on her face, Trump is incapable of talking policy – and these are her compliments.

At a campaign stop in Marion, Indiana today, Senator Ted Cruz came face-to-face with the vile, classless idiocy of the basic, 2-brain celled Branch Trumpidian.

Cruz answered the slack-jawed dullards, in regards to their mindless repeating of Trumpidian slogans.

One gets the impression that we’re one generation away from President Honey Boo-Boo.

…if these people are supporting Trump, they’re teaching their kids to talk like Trump… Woe to the Republic.

I’ve not seen anywhere where Wright delineates between someone who has simply voted for Trump and the basic 2 brain-celled Trumpidian. We’re all slack-jawed dullards.

So, with this as our baseline, I was eager to see what made Jim Hoft a “bad person,” you know, beyond being a vile, classless, slack-jawed, 2 brain-celled dullard.

Let’s start with the “Bad Reporter” part.

I will concede that Gateway has jumped the gun in its zeal to be first (a function of focusing on traffic rather than accuracy) on a story here and there. But if this makes Jim Hoft a bad reporter, let the reporter without sin cast the first stone.

I’d much prefer a reporter who’s goofed a story on breaking news (and corrects it) than a conservative reporter who takes their time writing a piece that declares a fellow conservative is the KING of Fake News. I reserve that title for the left.


So what makes Hoft a “bad person”?

Branch Trumpidians It’s a segment of Trump supporters who are not satisfied unless every person on the political right vows unconditional allegiance to the man they seem to see as something more than just a President. They have a religious fervor and no tolerance for infidels who don’t bow and pray toward Mar-a-lago five times a day.

Back during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s Information Minister Muhammad Said al-Sahhafearn earned the comical nickname of “Baghdad Bob” for his laughable statements to the press about how Iraqi forces were delivering a humiliating defeat to the attacking Americans. The truth of what was really happening was obvious, yet “Bob” insisted that there were no Americans anywhere near Baghdad and those who were elsewhere in Iraq were committing mass suicide rather than face up to the Iraqi army. Donald Trump has his own version of “Baghdad Bob.” His name is Jim Hoft, aka The Gateway Pundit and was once a legitimate blogger but has since overdosed on Trumpism’s hallucinogenic Koolaid.

One can say the same about RedState, no?

What do we call the segment of Trump detractors who are not satisfied unless every blog on the political right is using “Branch Trumpidians” to describe the slack-jawed mouthbreathers that don’t quite see what Trump has done to warrant such pig-piling?

And who is Baghdad Bob in this equation?

Trump won and RedState is still fighting. The truth about what really happened is obvious, to coin a Jamitis phrase.

Jamitis tries again to convince readers that Hoft is a “bad person.”

He tells the tale of the former good friends, Dana Loesch, and her husband, Mr. Dana Loesch, falling out of favor with one another. They were good friends, but seem to have cooled off over the issue of Trump.

Loesch took umbrage with Hoft characterizing her as #NeverTrump. She denies the charge, even though she was among the writers for National Review that put together a special issue imploring slack-jawed Americans from electing their God, 2 brain-celled Trump. If she finally got on board with Trump, it was done with a lot less fanfare than the turkey shoot.

Jamitis says Hoft’s speculation that he was disinvited to a speaking event in St. Louis at Loesch’s request is a symptom of his “derangement.”

I have no special knowledge to know whether Hoft is correct or not. But if he’s incorrect, how does this make him a “bad person” on par with Baghdad Bob?

It doesn’t.

RedState is participating in hit pieces, which is fine. They are on the low road, which isn’t the road they claim to travel on.

Nice Dana can be seen here.



31 Comments on RedState Unloads On Jim Hoft

  1. Aaaaand that’s why I want nothing to do with RedState and everyone involved with it.
    Especially because the SweatyThumb used to write there. With his sweaty appendages.
    Anything they have to scribble about deserves the reverence of a retarded Lemur poking keys on a keyboard.

  2. Yeah. Sooper Mexidouche has some really loathsome terms for Hoft as well. I noticed that at the RS. Right Scoop needs to either put Soop on a shorter leash or jettison him. He’s the primary reason I stopped visiting that site. Calling Trump the Cheeto-faced Clown stopped being remotely clever a year ago.

    Sometimes Gateway Pundit has some breathless, over-the-top posts. But sometimes he’s on the mark.

    Personally, I think these other sites are resentful that GP has been able to ride the Trump Train to wild popularity.

  3. Personally, I think these other sites are resentful that GP has been able to ride the Trump Train to wild popularity.>>>

    Can someone tell me why Sooper calls Trump el Trumpo?

    I don’t get the joke, I really don’t.

  4. Dianny- That’s what I think, too.
    Sites like RedState couldn’t give Trump an inch of courtesy. No one asked them to suck his dick, but how about not sounding like an angry child as they write about him? Take a breath. Damn. lol

  5. “They are on the low road, which isn’t the road they claim to travel on.”

    They always took great pride in policing for foul language at RedState. Respectability and all that.

    I’ll take the honest blue language here any day over the bitter, sterile rhetoric over at RedState.

  6. When sites on our side gleefully burp out every mainstream news hit piece on Trump, there’s a problem. Just like CNN, they are lying in wait for Trump to trip on his own dick. It’s infuriating. Their hatred for Trump is impossible for me to understand.

  7. Red State? Since long ago, I regarded them as the small minority of so called conservatives who lived in their mother’s basements.

  8. I evolved and became a Trump guy. Now, I am so happy he is there breaking rules and kicking ass. Redstate is and has been one of the loud voices against Trump. Even before my conversion I was turned off by the virulent hate from the NeverTrumpers. Someone fill in the hole they dig when it gets deep enough. Redstate gets a visit when I am really happy just to knock down my good mood a bit.

  9. Earle,

    It pains me to attack RedState because it’s against my credo of supporting any morsel of right-wing and nurturing it and having it grow, wherever I find it.
    Can’t do that with certain sites.
    They are off the rails.

  10. i like TGP. I’ve even noticed the inaccurate headlines and the click bait. Still, it is worthy of a few looks every other day or so.

    But not REDstate. No, and thanks DIANNY for reminding me of that putrid RScoop. Thought i was over that, but i’m not. dammit. fookers boot me off. pissant cowards.

  11. Dana Douche is still a nevertrumper. I gave the maximum allowed to President Trump’s campaign plus lot’s of stuff from his campaign store 🙂

  12. Dana Douche was the main attraction at the NRA booth at SHOT. Common consensus was “What a Bitch”. Notice she no longer is seen with Uncle Ted. She’s trailer trash.

  13. Jim Jam-itis? A real name?

    Does his Aunt Jamitis make a great pancake & syrup?

    I knew a Ferris Wheeler.

    Some people show how lousy they are at parenting right from the get-go

    Thanks to everyone who goes to RedState to report back.

    After realizing I was contributing to Cindy Shehan’s fame and fortune by reading every story about her – because I hated her.

    Ding! WhyTF am I giving news sites a reason to promote her. It doesn’t matter what the subject is – if it gets hits – it gets attention and publication. Duh.

    I was promoting her with my hateful following of her antics.

    Cleared my cache and vowed to never visit sites that are against me and America.

    Occasionally I forget to check a link here and end up someplace I don’t want to be at, but I can leave.

    Plenty of ways to keep tabs on the enemy without supporting them.

  14. We’ve found out who the real fake conservatives are, and it’s pointing directly at the anti trumpers.
    Trump has followed through on everything and is arguably the most conservative of our lifetime. Reagan talked a better game, but he didn’t follow through on it half as much as Trump. Anyone that argues against that point is either ignorant or a liar. Both of those handles would include redstate.

    The fake conservatives have not only been as wrong as wrong can be, but they’ve also been outed as the real ‘fakes’.

    This they cannot abide, and thus they’re descending into sniveling little knats that work hand in hand with the left in trying to destroy Trump. Everyone can see what little twats they are. It can’t be hidden and it’s causing a giant collective mental breakdown amongst all of them.

    They are pathetic, but we need do nothing because I suspect they’ll begin committing suicide before Trump’s first term is over, and we’ll never have to listen to them again.

  15. He was pissed because he got invited to speak at a rally, then dumped, then they tried to make nice and re-invited him. I think that was the flow. Frankly I don’t know about all these support rallys though, because NONE of them are being reported on. I haven’t seen squat except for the one post on Breitbart. That Main Steet Patriots website has a list of over 70 rallys across the country, set for 2/25-3/5. The banner on the website? “It’s Not About Left or Right, It’s About Right or Wrong” I don’t know why, but that brings to mind the coffee-party for some reason.

  16. Dad,
    I agree with you about the “supporting part.”
    It’s a tough call, but sometimes I think it’s important to put out some information on this blog that can possibly influence some people’s reading habits.

    I know our core, for the most part, wont go to RedState.
    But we have lots of people that show up here for the first time every day. I like to show where we stand.

    It’s a large mosaic out there.

  17. I sometimes check out another site about once in a while. Before the election they were kinda sorta wish-I-really-didn’t-have-to-vote-for-Trump. They did support him after he won the primary, but weren’t happy. Now they are totally behind him and are very supportive.

  18. Chalk some of them up to the simple mercenary impulse of people who never had a true ideological core of conservatism. Not Leftist mobies, necessarily…just salespeople in the biz of selling right-ish thoughts to a long-starving Right.

    Come on, nothing sells like controversy, so they’ve staked it all on keeping it simmering by being deliberately contentious. But like the Left, they don’t actually believe much of what they post. Nor do they need to, in order to appear legit and keep the clicks coming.

    Just a theory.

  19. There a reason I put Hotair down on my bookmark list and tossed RS out…. Jim Hoff has now become the top of the list with IOTW second — only because they refresh faster… Really… Go Jim! He is pissing the right ones out in the open. Easy pickingss

  20. Oh, I’m so tempted to spill a lot of Loesch family dirt here…wth.
    Let’s just throw a few things in here:
    Dana & hubby bilked the St Louis Tea Party
    Grifted off Andrew Breitbart & mistreated his widow
    Dana left her “great friend” AB’s site to go work for his arch nemesis, Beck, who AB HATED.
    She & hubby criticized Obama’s easy hand outs to low income ppl, took a big Obama grant & built a home studio & then tried to get politicians to use her hubbies services, music, media work, in return for a positive interview on her show, in a blackmailish manner.
    Her hubby makes fake internet accts to harass her, then fights & intimidates the “harasser,” & get others to pile on, to show the terrible way she’s victimized, how much of a great white knight he is.
    This is just a brief bit, there’s much more.
    Maybe I’ll do Erik Erickson next…

  21. Gatewaypundit is one of my favs. Good info and well laid out. Dumped redstate and soopermex a long time ago. Liked dana loesch for about 5 minutes. Drudge still first to get headlines then iotw everyday.


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