Refugee Resettlement Watch – A Tsunami of Costly Muslims Expected in 2017 – IOTW Report

Refugee Resettlement Watch – A Tsunami of Costly Muslims Expected in 2017

RRW – Obama looking to ‘welcome’ 213,000 humanitarian arrivals in FY17 with $2.2 billion budget, and that $2.2  billion is only for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) portion of the costs!  It does not include the US State Department funding or the cost of security screening. Nor does it cover the cost of most welfare, subsidized housing, medical care and most of the cost of educating the children.  

Lauren Ashburn:   

Thank you very much and thank you for taking my call. The percentage of those Syrian refugees who have been let into the country – what percent are Muslims? Do you have that breakdown?

Anne Richard:     

Yes, most are Muslims over 99% are Muslims. [At least she is being honest! But, the reporter wasted her question because that information is readily available elsewhere.—ed]

Lauren Ashburn:  

And then what percent are of religious (execution) are fleeing (because they) say religious persecution?

Anne Richard:   

I don’t have that breakdown for you.

Lauren Ashburn:  

Okay and then you mentioned, Secretary Carey – you mentioned that 82% are self-sufficient at the end of 180 days and I was wondering how long do the rest of them stay on benefits? How long do you extend the benefits?

Robert Carey:    

The benefits access depends on the category. There are some individuals for whom, you know, refugee cash assistance can be extended for up to eight months for certain individuals, and then others may be eligible for mainstream benefits if they fit the qualifications.


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15 Comments on Refugee Resettlement Watch – A Tsunami of Costly Muslims Expected in 2017

  1. Trump is elected, Syrian jihadis are turned back. Bye-bye Mohammad.

    Vote Trump/Pence 2016

  2. Let’s put them where Menderman lives. Since he is voting for Hillary.

  3. If Ryan’s Congress goes along with this BS and Trump loses the GOP is finished. As they should be.

  4. @Anonymous: “If Ryan’s Congress goes along with this BS and Trump loses the GOP is finished. As they should be.”

    It matters not if Trump wins or loses, the GOP was finished long ago.

  5. This is all legal, right? I mean the president wouldn’t do anything outside of the laws Congress has enacted, and won’t be appropriating money other than what is already earmarked for taking in refugees. Right???

  6. cost of educating the children


    That should be cost of building mosques for the sake of educating their own. No way in hell are they going to get a quality education from infidels.

  7. Why are we taking Direction from the U.N. We are no longer a Sovereign Nation?


  8. i am nauseated by the disconnect of the elite from the rest of us

    they (clintons, obamas, merkels, etc) expose the common folk to fend for themselves in the streets against these islamic thugs, could give a shit less about our families

    fuck the elite that pose as social justice warriors, burn in hell

  9. Are they Whabies Saudi or Shia Iran Muslims? (Sorry SP)
    That amount of money being spent they could settle them over there.I for one am curious if Trump is aware of what’s coming down the pike.


  10. So where is congress? Where’s paul ryan? Where’s mitch mcCONnell?


  11. 98% of these poor, poor, poor refugees will be male rapefugees between the ages of 17 and 35. Count on it.
    Of course they won’t be housed in any upscale DC, MD or Va neighborhoods.

  12. The monetary costs are nothing compared to the impending murders and rapes this invasion will bring.

    Stockpilng supplies….

  13. This treasonist enabling of an invasion of savages to terrorize our country is grounds for impeachment. WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN REPUBLICAN ELECTED OFFICIALS PUTTING A STOP TO THIS INSANITY!?!? When sharia is imposed because the savages outnumber the civilized no one is safe.

  14. Hopefully we will start exterminating the bastids before it gets that far.

  15. Here’s one of the best parts (I’m on the email list for RRW); in today’s email was the information everyone needs to know.

    the contractors (in this case the College of Southern Idaho) are desperate for volunteers because they log the volunteer hours and the federal government places a monetary value on the volunteer’s time which becomes the contractor’s ‘contribution’ in the supposed public-private partnership with the federal government. Oh, and those books and bikes also get a monetary value placed on them and count as a contribution from the contractor.

    So, allll your gooder acquaintances need to be told that the contractors are basically grifting off the effort that is causing mayhem in so many small communities. We get screwed both ways. Neat, eh?

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