Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks

The Rebel’s Faith Goldy talks to witnesses, alleged victims, and the refugees involved in a violent standoff between the Syrian family and their Canadian neighbours that you absolutely have to see to believe.



18 Comments on Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks

  1. Kick those worthless pieces of shit out. They contribute nothing, soak up welfare, degrade society, live criminal lives, and are a threat to everyone. The only fighting that should ever be allowed in Canada is during hockey games.

  2. The wilding in Muslims is in their DNA – literally. Generations of inbreeding, coupled with Islamic teachings, is a recipe for disaster and they should be segregated from civil societies.

  3. The head of the family said that Syria and Lebanon is best…..good…..where do I contribute to the plane tickets to send these savage goat humpers back to where they belong? And divest them of their passports and any other papers and documents that would allow them re-entry into western civilization. Let them play “throw bricks and chase the unbelievers” with each other.

  4. The worse part of all is the appearance that the police are protecting the Syrians, in effect, turning their back on their fellow countrymen.

  5. They wish to go back to their muzzie hellholes. Who am I to stop them? Ya know places where rock and brick throwing isn’t frowned upon.

  6. Only very stupid people have to experience this first hand before believing it.
    No sympathy from me.

  7. Some political morons thought peace could be established by bring war here.A big “oh sheet” on their heads.

  8. Good on Ms Goldy and her network to provide some honest accounting of the behavior of these throwback savages. It is refreshing to hear honesty. The entire mainstream media complex here in US is one big friggin lie, and the rest are reluctant to speak the real truth for fear of all kinds of blowback. the truth is that these middle easterners are savages and have no business being in our country. If do-gooders wnat to adopt something as part of a project, get a pet and they can do it with their own $$. I say deport these turds and enact a full moratorium on all immigration in the West. Deport all traitorious leaders, like Merkel Trudeau Macron — along with them.

  9. How can a stonge age savage be qualified to judge a house as gross? What standard is he using? And why is he throwing pieces of building material at others.

    Sorry but if you bring snakes into you back yard you can’t complain about being bitten.

  10. What else would you expect from mideast vermin that isn’t even housebroken. The clueless morons have probably been cleaning dishes in the toilet thinking it was a modern western appliance.

  11. From the Far Dark Side

    Katty Kay, BBC World News America – June 16, 2017 7:39 AM EST

    “I would forsake my children in a hearbeat for the honour of the Mission”

    A kat tweet later in the Day time…
    Katty Kay Retweeted The Guardian Verified account 10h10 ago

    Abandoned and abused- the forgotten Syrian refugee children- h.t.t.p://

    TRIBAL, Katty, tribal…

    Katty wants to sacrifice her children and country so other children can supplant her own.
    Think on That. More New Kids on the Block. Can you see Them NOW?

    United States still calling… are we reached yet

    Pistachioed Thrausos

    ‘Heavy Metals, Diamonds, Pistachios’

  12. Come on, guys!
    Killary Clinton says that to fight terrorisms is to learn about Muslims by sharing humus.

  13. Other than new doors and windows, those buildings don’t look up to code… shame if there were a fire, huh?


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