Refusal To Use Pronouns Gets Teacher Fired

Peter Vlaming used to teach high school French in Virginia, until he stopped using pronouns when addressing one particular student; a transgender female to male. That student felt excluded so the school board had him fired. More

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  1. Not too long ago, it was nearly impossible to fire a teacher for ANYTHING. Now it is commonplace, but only for offending protected groups.

  2. I don’t believe in pronouns, so if I don’t address you by your first name, I’ll just call you “a**hole.” Problem solved.

  3. If we don’t purge our schools of leftist psychos, we can’t complain of the monsters they create that will either commit mass murder or roboticly support communists.

    How did not get this far? No answer, Mr. GOPe rat?

  4. Is this school a closed shop? If so, where was the suck-ass “rally-round-the-red-flag” teachers’ union which supposedly exists to protect teachers? In any case, you have equally despicable supine administrators and school board members, surprise, surprise.

  5. Called the person by their requested name.
    Refused to say “she/her/hers”.
    Didn’t say anything in regards to “he/she/it”.
    At this rate no one is safe.

  6. My daughter, a high school freshman, tells me about all the fcuked up shit at school.

    Apparently, HS kids are now wearing tails, paw print gloves and hats with animal ears. She calls them furries and she says they’re disgusting. They’re overweight, stink and are just not pleasant. Then there’s a couple of butch girls that make out together during period changes.

    HS sucked, it seemed so petty and small to me. I don’t think I could do it today.

  7. The fired teacher should file a formal complaint that his (heh) desired pronoun was not used, namely “woihe” or some other mishmash. He (ha) should be very serious and insistent. If the bureaucrats actually comply (well, they might), then change the desired pronoun to “fohew” and INSIST that they address you properly. File suit!! Take them to court for not using the desired pronoun.

  8. Gee. Now you can fire people just by changing the language. Sounds like a slam-dunk federal lawsuit in the making.


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