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Regressive Liberal

It’s not enough anymore to simply call someone a progressive. Now there’s a new term that captures those who have cannonballed off into the deep end, trying to pull everyone else in with them – the regressive.


Even people who identify with the left can’t standthe regressives among them.

Here’s a short list of things to look for that indicate when someone has gone full on regressive.


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  1. That video was Dank!….I believe I used the term in the correct manner, according to the Urban Dictionary, but it still sounds stupid as hell….We are surrounded by unformed tadpoles that might never figure out how to breath through their lungs and walk on land…

  2. I’ve been calling them regressives for years. Absolutely nothing progressive about any of them.

  3. Wait. I thought our side was the aRegressives. Because you know, we’re anti-Progressive.

  4. good word, Regressive.

    I just finished the PIG Politically Incorrect Guide book on the Great Depression and Frank Roosevelt’s New Deal.

    I coined a descriptive phrase for what the Mainstream Media calls the Great Recession (which we are still in). I call it the New Depression. It serves two things – it calls the 08-now economic situation properly by calling it a Depression and by calling it the New Depression it subliminally makes people tie the current Depression in with Roosevelt’s New Deal which made the Great Depression last longer.

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