Regrets… She’s had a few

What Happened? Hillary blames Obama for the things she said.
For some reason, she also thinks the media was more favorable to Trump.
What a lying, miserable hag. She could start an argument in an empty house.

Hillary Says ‘Putting Coal Out Of Business’ Remark Was Her Biggest ‘Regret’


11 Comments on Regrets… She’s had a few

  1. Grrrr. Just because Hillary puts out a book so that everyone is talking about her again, do we need to provide her the satisfaction of obliging her?

    Here’s your prob Hill. When you lie you fuck yourself. When you tell the truth you fuck yourself. You didn’t campaign because the more people saw you the more they were repelled by you. I have reason to believe that you are so cold you can’t melt ice cream in your mouth.

    Now. Go away. Leave us alone. Never return. Saddle up. Be gone. Good riddance.

  2. I’m alternating nostril breathing and drinking Chardonnay and walking in the woods in between.

    We’ve been delivered !

  3. I love this never ending Pity Party. Please don’t let it end. I’m just reading the headlines, but I’m enjoying every damned minute of her version of the Stations of the Cross.

  4. Mouth Breather?….LOL….Hillary is working on her nostril breathing and Monica perfected her mouth breeding 20 ,years ago…

  5. Dianny: Thank you for sharing that link to “Kate Reads Books.” I’ve sent it to several friends. Now they won’t have to wait to read this book for free at the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble, whilst they spill covfefe and splatter crumbs off their cinnamon buns on this memorial to disconnected self pity.


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