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“Relentlessly Stupid”

Fox News

The head of the Chicago Teachers Union is now calling Mayor Lori Lightfoot “relentlessly stupid” as hundreds of thousands of students are missing out on a fourth consecutive day of classes due to an ongoing dispute over coronavirus safety measures.  More

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  1. Demonstration for all to see that “the schools” are not for the children’s education. The union cares not one whit about their lives.

    Or maybe this is what they’re trying to teach.

  2. My former minister, with 2 young kids, posted this an hour ago:
    “Tell me your kids are going to remote learning without telling me your kids are going to remote learning:
    5 robo calls from CPS this afternoon.”
    There is one reason for 5 robocalls in one day – and that is the fear of losing the daily pay when the child attends school. Literally the only thing teachers’ unions care about.

  3. Mayor “Grady” Lightfoot is definitely phoning in her threats, which are being ignored and laughed at by the Chi-town Teachers Union. They have Mayor “Grady” by the balls and she knows it.

  4. I’m thinkin that you have to be “relentlessly stupid” to live in Chicago in the first place. There’s a whole world out there and Chicago is just one pustule on the anus of it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Lori Lightfoot went to public school in Michigan.

    Another demonstration of the Product that Public Schools Produce.

    So if she is that stupid….


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