Religion of Prison

Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be beaten 

PamelaGeller: Everywhere it’s the same: Islamic supremacism and domination from the Islamic State to the prisons in Australia to the asylum centers in Europe.

muslim prisoner threatens inmates

And everywhere the denial by our elites becomes more frenzied and absolute.

The fact is that prisons are hotbeds for jihad recruitment.

“Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be bashed,” By Lia Harris and James Phelps, The Telegraph May 15, 2016:

NON-Muslim jail inmates are being forced to convert to Islam by fellow prisoners using threats and violence against those who refuse.

A Muslim chaplain at Kariong jail on the Central Coast has been inundated with requests for extra prayer mats and copies of the Koran from more than a dozen non-Arab ­inmates, according to prison sources.


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  1. They’ve been recruiting black prisoners in the US for a long long time. I guess I need more ammo.

  2. Prison inmates are converting to muslim, and coming out of prison muslim; very anti-white muslims. Its not in the news and correctional agencis generally don’t keep track of it. There are exceptions, but inmates have a right to religious freedom, with some limits, and a right to meet, discuss thier holy books and worship together. And discuss the next steps in their personal jihadi plans when they get out.

  3. When I’m President those fuckers won’t have time to recruit with all that breaking rocks with sledgehammers and moving and stacking cannonballs by hand from pyramid to pyramid
    That and running on the treadmill to generate power so the showers are hot..ish

  4. Trouble is there ain’t enough white tough guys like Jimmy Cagney in prison any more. Clint Eastwoods either. So all the dumb black assholes are easily persuaded that muhammad is the way. And the government will provide them with prayer mats and whatever they want. There is something very fucked up here. The hankshaw redemprion, or the Crankshaw Redemption, or whatever the name has convinced millions of idiots that prisoners are really the good guys and the wardens and guards are scumbags. That’s how left wing hollywood works.
    Islamberg, in upstate NY, about 75 miles from me is made up of mostly excons and their concubines. The local police say they are fine upstanding citizens.
    And who the fuck am I to object?

  5. All muslim inmates should be in solitary confinement. They should not be allowed to communicate with anyone. If they don’t like it? Tough shit. Send them back to their beloved subhuman shit holes they came from.

  6. “The fact is that prisons are hotbeds for jihad recruitment.”

    Which is why Obama is letting all of them out in order to bolster their numbers and to proselytize the totalitarian political ideology of evil.

  7. Being dyslexic, I read that as “Religion of Poison” …and knew right away the topic was Moslems.

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