Remastered – The Who at Shepperton Studios 1978: Won’t Get Fooled Again

Looking like it was filmed yesterday with great audio.

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  1. From the video description on YouTube:

    “Sadly this was to be the very last performance ever by Keith Moon.”

    RIP, ya crazy bastid…

  2. I still believe that the best live album ever recorded was their “Live at Leeds” performance in 1970. The 14 minute “My Generation” version could possibly be the best live song recorded ever, still listen to it from time to time.

  3. The best part of being sorta old is we got to see the GOOD BANDS. Enjoy your auto-tuned crap snowflakes! Thanks for posting this BFH.

  4. one of my favorite bands since the 1970’s
    they end all concerts with this song … and no encore for you (anymore)
    back in the day, Who tickets were $17 now a good seat costs $170

  5. Good stuff, Maynard!

    Went to The Who in ’82 concert at the Seattle Coliseum. Quite seriously the best concert I’ve ever been to.

  6. I’ve always been a classical listener since early childhood, but when I was in high school I started listening to rock and The Who was my favorite band. Maybe because there’re great musicians. Have all their albums.
    They rock!
    Got to see the in the early 90’s at Busch stadium. Outstanding!!!

  7. I saw them in June 1970 at the Cleveland Public Auditorium when I was in high school. One of the thrills of a lifetime! Saw a lot of big bands at the Public Auditorium. Good days, great memories!

  8. when Moon died, the Who died.

    Daltrey was a fantastic vocalist. Moon was a very good percussionist (not innovated, like Bonham) good & loud … which was a vital element to their sound. Entwistle was a very capable bass & Townshend was a decent guitarist w/ a good ear & talent for mixing music w/ lyrics … a classical music education helped immensely … it also helped to make him an immense pedophiliac Prima Donna

    Daltrey grew to hate him … small wonder

    p.s. sure I’m not going to get any ‘thumbs up’ on this thread … it’s all good, 😉

    opinions are like a**holes, we all have one … & they all stink

  9. The greatest rock band in the history of music. 🙂

    A personal favorite of mine and my dad’s- he was lucky enough to see them during the original Quadrophania tour (with Lynard Skynard opening!).

    Just love the energy and sheer effortless talent.

  10. I read once that the Who consisted of a lead singer, a lead guitarist, a lead bass player, and a lead drummer. Sounds accurate.

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