Remember – Stupid People Are Never Ashamed – Frederica Wilson is Never Ashamed

This idiot, Frederica Wilson, proved she was an empty barrel when she went on a search to figure out what an empty barrel meant.

Like a dog hearing a whistle, she cocked her stupid head and came up with this gem – “it’s something racist!!”

Bless her heart, she’s never ashamed. She’s a rock star!!

FACT CHECK: Is ‘Empty Barrel’ A Racist Term?


34 Comments on Remember – Stupid People Are Never Ashamed – Frederica Wilson is Never Ashamed

  1. She is an obnoxious (racial term?) pebble hanging out amongst the rocks and flotsam/jettison (racial term?) on the beaches of life (metaphorical imagery that’s not racist).

    A more direct way of speaking is “not all her dogs are barking” or “the elevator don’t go the whole way to the top.”

  2. The problem is that Frederica is a democrat and the old saying that “an empty vessel makes the most noise” is a “truism”. Democrats and morons like Frederica from Floriduh (and her fellow travelers like the infamous congresswoman, Corrine Brown, who was recently convicted of more than a dozen felonies while in office) think that doing things like wearing sequined cowboy hats is a positive sign of intellect and gravitas have no capacity to understand common sense …… especially anything that is associated with actual truth in the real world.

  3. Lying, disgusting, racist
    Frederica Wilson
    whose own financial dealing
    as a member of congress should be under investigation
    and isn’t .
    This loud pig now says
    in the face of an objection
    that she cannot overcome with
    fact or reason.

    I wish I was black or semi-black
    All you have to do to win an argument / debate
    is yell


    And the other side MUST

    surrender / capitulate.

  4. She’s so far beneath General Kelly’s contempt it pained America to lower himself to comment. Like wiping dog shit from one’s shoe.

    It’s like talking to slime mold or a head of lettuce in a gaudy cowboy hat.

  5. If “an empty barrel” is something racist, then she’s something stupid. In fact I looked her name up in a dictionary and it said right there, in black and white, “Stupid.”

  6. Well, me and Granny have our own proverb for this Fred Wilson gal. Cow-Pie Girl. Putting a cowboy hat on a cow-pie doesn’t change the fact that everything below the hat is still just a big ole cow-pie.

  7. I’m really tired of being beaten over the head with the term “racist” every time I turn around! Since I have never once heard a single “Thank You”, I want the portion of my taxes back that have gone for reparations of every sort under various names of special programs and set-asides just for Blacks in this country for the past half century???

  8. One thing you have to hand to President Trump, the morons of congress and the leftist movement no longer hide beneath the scum, they joyfully and idiotically rise to the top and expose their worthlessness.

    For once, the American voter is getting realistic pictures of the lying, elitist, robber/barons that have worn costumes of decency to gain votes. As President Trump asked in Chicago, (I think and paraphrasing), ‘Think! What do you have to lose by voting for someone new? How many elections have you voted for the lying, rotten snake representing you , now? Look around, take inventory, are you better off, like they promised? ‘

    What do you have to lose by getting new blood? If you don’t like him, vote him out next time. Don’t leave the rotting core of career politicians in congress. They band together to protect their elitist hold on ensuring their largesse to their own pockets, at the taxpayers expense.

  9. Oh sweet little Frederica Wilson,

    Our singular desire is to forget your existence entirely. With that in mind, why in the world would we devote a single second to devising clever and innovative ways of expressing racism toward you, knowing that doing so brings you back into public view every time? Your perception of your own importance in our lives is in polar opposition to reality. We think about you very, very, VERY little, and would prefer to think about you even less.

    In closing, I’m reminded of this line from Casablanca:
    Ugarte: You despise me, don’t you?
    Rick Blaine: If I gave you any thought I probably would.

    With love,

  10. Once in awhile the song “96 Tears” pops into my head and I hit YouTube for this classic by “? and the Mysterians”. As odd as he is, you’ve got to give “?” credit for turning this one song into a career.

    I finally realized Frederica and her plastic hat remind me of this video

  11. This proves that you can put lipstick, a wig, and a sequined cowgirl hat on a gorilla in the mist, but when the sun shines, it’s still a very ugly gorilla in our midst.

  12. It only takes the rotten apple in the barrel to spoil the good ones. People like her wonder why white people dislike people of her ilk so much. She’s woven from the same cloth as Maxine Waters, they are dangerous black people. Evil.

  13. Is the plastic wig attached to that children’s XS birthday party hat?

    I’m wondering about the annual fumigation and delousing. Lice must love those nasty plastic wigs.
    I imagine this one, Maxine and Sheila Jackson Lee’s heads all smell like a whiff of RAID.

  14. We need a constitutional amendment that requires a minimum IQ to qualify for congress. This alone would eliminate Ms. Wilson and the entire congressional black caucus, Nancy P., and quite a few others as well.

  15. Frederica and her crack staff had to look up “empty barrel” in the dictionary to find the meaning. That tells me all I need to know. But instead of being ashamed she doubled down.


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