Remember the Airline Mechanic That Sabotaged Plane To Get “Overtime”?

ISIS video found on phone of airline mechanic accused of sabotaging airplane in Miami.

Wash Exam-

An American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging an airplane in Miami this July reportedly had Islamic State-sponsored video content on his personal phone.

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani was accused earlier this month of inserting an object into the navigational system of the airplane that would tamper with airspeed readings. The plane detected the mechanical error shortly before taking off from Miami to the Bahamas and was promptly taken out of service, forcing 150 passengers to deplane and seek out other methods of travel.

Alani, who was reportedly seen on video tampering with the airplane, alleged that he was motivated to do so because he was dissatisfied with employment contracts and hoped the mechanical issue could translate to more overtime pay for himself.

Prosecutors in federal court on Wednesday, however, allege that Alani had downloaded an ISIS propaganda video to his cellphone, which he sent to other unnamed individuals. Prosecutors also alleged during the Wednesday bond hearing that Alani confided to coworkers that his brother was involved in ISIS.


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  1. When you claim you have beaten an enemy into submission
    you had better be sure he agrees with you.
    These evil creatures will need more than wins on a
    battlefield to stop them and the FBI training and
    action manuals erased all reference to them just as
    Obama ordered.
    How does our LE fight what it has been trained
    purposefully to ignore?

  2. There are patriot groups that educate the public and LE on the threat, such as Sharia Crime Stoppers with their webinars. Our airports need extreme vetting they’re apparently not getting!

  3. Many important world leaders have pushed for the destruction of Islam.

    It’s too bad for us that they never accomplished their desire.

  4. Screw Gitmo. Foreign enemy agents deployed to my country executing an operation for a ‘religious’ death cult don’t deserve anything than two taps to the head.

    There is a difference between American criminals requiring due process and invaders. Particularly of the mohammedan variety.

  5. Well, well, well.

    So is that 200 counts of attempted murder that he’s being charged with or should Ilhan Omar offer a resolution declaring him more American than Norman Rockwell, George Washington and Mickey Mantle combined.

  6. they’re never gonna admit this was another terrorist attack…..altho, with trump……..who knows?

    the Donald may force them to tell the truth, for once…

  7. Well it seems I stand corrected. I thought that it was more likely a case of a pissed off employee rather then a bad terrorist attempt. Still though, I’d like to see all the crap the prosecution finally has and how the defendant explains it.

  8. Muslims should have their own airlines with muslim pilots, ground and cabin crews, bomb makers, IED planters, the whole shiteree. Ban muslims from non muslim airlines.

  9. And right as he’s being sucked into the jet intake, be sure to toss a pig in, too. Just to let him know – “No paradise for you, sucka!”


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