Remember the dramatic #Hillary ad, “Our Children are Watching?” – IOTW Report

Remember the dramatic #Hillary ad, “Our Children are Watching?”

The @FreeBeacon mashed it with #womensmarch clips and it is glorious. A MUST SEE!


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8 Comments on Remember the dramatic #Hillary ad, “Our Children are Watching?”

  1. Good one Pinko. The word Pussy is now an acceptable word on a lot of networks. The left is truly a part of society that is rotting.

  2. Loved it. It shows the truth in their stunning

  3. President Bill Clinton introduced “the Children” to blow jobs.
    These gowls are taking it a step further. That’s progression baby!
    Well done Mr.Pinko.

  4. Oh the hypocrisy! Nastiest skanks alive. Thank God there are real and wonderful women in the world!

  5. “Calling Doctor Bombay, Doctor Bombay!
    Turn them into anything you want,
    Just make these evil witches go away!”

  6. Wow,that makes the point. Hope in some way it helps to put a cork in this asinine trend these flaky skanks like Modonna have of adopting whole platoons of children.

  7. Damn…. Some cringe worthy clips. I never had a problem with men talking with other men they way they do, because WOMEN are far worse. This proves my point.

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