Remember The Horrible Things Liberals Said About John McCain Before They Fell In Love With His Anti-Trumpism?

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Republican Senator John McCain died yesterday and liberals have been tripping over themselves to praise the man they once hated. This has less to with any genuine liberal respect for McCain and more to do with the fact that he became a vocal opponent of President Trump. Liberals hate Trump and if McCain did too, that made him okay on the left. This insincerity is illustrated perfectly by these “then and now” tweets from liberal sources.

Here’s what The Huffington Post had to say about McCain after his passing:

In addition to his lifetime of public service, McCain moved the needle on glioblastoma awareness.

“He dedicated his life to serving the country he loved. I have no doubt that the Maverick’s legacy will forever be an important model of leadership and civil discourse.”

And here’s what the HuffPo thought about McCain back in 2008 when he was running against Obama for president:

On the red carpet for McCain: Hitler, Satan and Jeffrey Dahmer. I swear, the pre-debate coverage on E! is TOTALLY AWESOME. -billbarol

sn’t that strange? McCain used to be an evil Nazi cannibal serial killer, but once he started opposing Donald Trump, he was transformed into a humanitarian role model.

It gets worse with out-of-work pseudo-comedian Kathy Griffin. President Trump sent out a nice message following McCain’s death… MORE

14 Comments on Remember The Horrible Things Liberals Said About John McCain Before They Fell In Love With His Anti-Trumpism?

  1. IKR, I’ve been watching lieberals trip over their dicks all day about McLame. Funny too, they’re even calling McLame detractors racist and homophobic, among other typical debate skills lieberals use.

  2. I read Griffin’s post earlier today. I would be exhausted from all the effort these protards spend on hate.

  3. Why didn’t that selfish power hungry attention whore retire six months ago like a decent human being would?

  4. Brit Hume attacked POTUS Trump on twitter, saying: “Still not a kind word for John McCain, himself.”

    I’ve completely run out of new expletives to use on Brit Hume. Can someone take the baton?

  5. ‘Brat’ Hume is a tired out little shit pickle who thinks that people actually give a damn what he thinks. I stopped paying attention to anything remotely related to him during the primary in ’15 and never looked back.

    Ol’sag o lot can kiss Trump’s ass for all I care, I have him blocked.

  6. only reason I turned on Fox today (& it only took me 10 seconds) is to check to be sure that asshole is still dead

  7. I remember the early days of SNL when Chevy Chase would do the news beginning with Prez. Fernando Franco is still dead! I recall that scene every time a prominent democRAT dies…including john EFFIN mccain!

    Oh, and he’s always voted against anything to help veterans.

  8. The Fake News media keeps filling the void left by late night ‘comedians’.

    “Conservative Republican John McCain” delivered deadpan……. COMEDY GOLD !!


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