Remember The Names…

Tonight- Chris Christie.

Remember The Names of The Election Backstabbers.
A rantalicious excerpt from the December 10th, 2020 edition of the weekly RazörForce Offensive, entitled ‘Backstab Symphony’. [some naughty [and hilarious] language]

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  1. I’ve read that Christie was the asshole who suggested the
    worthless Supreme court judges Trump appointed as well as some of his “advisors” that betrayed him. He should be trailered out of town in a tar and feather suit before he eats everything in sight. I think that was Trump’s biggest mistake – he trusted the establishment “republican” assholes too much (which to some extent may have been unavoidable at the time)and didn’t see that they were stabbing him and America in the back all the while.

    Christie needs to be blown up like that other whale was some 50 years ago.

  2. There wasn’t a bigger supporter of Trump than myself but you nailed his Achilles Heel BB and that was his inner cadre and appointments.

    I will be forever grateful for this man and the arrows he took but we all saw the massive potential election fraud train a comin’ and I can’t understand why he couldn’t have marshalled some loyal forces somewhere in the massive government to head that shit off.

    I lay it at the feet of his traitorous WH Counsel Cipollone There’s a recounting of a very telling meeting in Dec/2020 by Patrick Byrne, who was not a Trump supporter. If you haven’t read it, google it, it’ll blow you away.

    Anyway, that was then and now? Well from the looks of things, the FL gov sure knows how to use the law to get things done and he doesn’t seem to tweet alot either does he?

    He certainly gets right in the faces of the media when they try their fake news shit on him, remember the intended 60 Minutes hit piece. He fucking handed a live grenade right back to them.

    And gotta say, he’s running a tight ship and is making the right moves. Now he’s not dealing with the likes of a McConnell or Pelosi, those scum and most of DC are world class backstabbers but I think it’s time for DJT to take his bows, do a ton of rallies and as late as he can, opt out of 2024 if DeSantis decides to go for it. Hell he’ll be almost 80 in 2024 and we know he likes to be the center of attention but there comes a time.

  3. I want to keep DeSantis right where he is, thank you very much. DeSantis won’t be able to function the same way he is right now on a national level because the corruption is exponentially greater. I’d prefer to stick with a wiser Trump that understands just what it is he’s up against from both a personnel level as well as a procedural level.

    Remember that the left is going to crank the propaganda machine up to 11 to convince us that the right Republican for the job is who they feel that they can beat. Assuming of course that we can get to a place where we can actually have an honest election. If they can maintain the status quo, all bets are off.

  4. Add geraldo rivera to that list too.
    He’s a Trump turncoat and his wife is the worst!
    Married 5 times, by his own admission he’s cheated on 4 of them.

    Geraldo isn’t a Republican, he lies, he’s a bigoted, racist, puerto rican, jewish piece of shit.


  5. It makes me sad to realize, but I agree with MMinWA. Approaching 80, Trump might best serve as organizer and kingmaker of a refocused Republican party. He was stymied by layer after layer of swamp creatures who believe the federal government rules America rather than serves as a central organization run by the states. The embedded bureaucracy was an overwhelming obstacle for one man, even when he managed to gather a few like minded advisors. It will take repeated elections of the likes of Trump, perhaps DeSantis next, to corral the swamp and reduce the federal government to it’s proper role. That or a breakup of the country.

    At 71, I have no patience for the slower route and appreciate that I’m unlikely to see the second. On a positive note, born in 1950, I lived through an amazing period of the greatest civilization the Earth has seen and it was glorious.

  6. The election system must be sanitized and the two tier legal system fixed or 2024 victory is fantasy.

  7. Grossly obese, pig nosed and reeking of stale body odor, your looking at the cream of the New Jersey political crop!

  8. President Trump was just not prepared to handle the personnel side of the government (no president is). There was a news article early in his administration that stated that he (Trump) asked Obama if he was required to get rid of all his (Obamas) appointees!

  9. We need to boycott all the essential business unit all the mom and pop stores are able to compete again. Boycott every mask nazi business. Boycott Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and especially Amazon. Boycott them all for one year, and our economy will come roaring back. If they want equity, let’s give it to them, via a massive economic boycott.

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