Remember This POS who mocked and cold-cocked a disabled man?

A man who has cerebral palsy was mocked by another man then punched in the face after exiting a 7-Eleven store in West Chester, Pa., on May 10, 2017. Well now the assaulter is in tears as a judge gave him 3 to 6 years jail time.


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19 Comments on Remember This POS who mocked and cold-cocked a disabled man?

  1. All those people who didn’t call the police should be charged with crimes too. Low lifes.
    Why do black guys seem to like fat white chicks so much?
    Almost all of the fat white chicks who live behind us have black babies and boyfriends.

  2. Right when I thought the Justice System was a terrible joke, “one” judge steps up.

    I assume the liberal judges in the appeals court will decrease the sentence……as one judge alone isn’t the fix for the failed judicial System.

  3. He should have gotten 5 to 10 just because his attitude so bad. I hope the socks up on KY jelly before he goes to the slammer!

  4. Dear God. My fervent prayer is that this waste of flesh gets raped so hard and so fast that he dies from bleeding out of his ass in prison.

    In Jesus’s Mighty Name,
    AMEN AND AMEN!!! 😇

  5. Sure he’ll be meeting some fellas taking the Bologna pony to brownstown. Enjoy the ride buddy, you earned it

  6. Don’t let your emotions rule as the judge did. 3 to 6 is way too much for an assault charge. Think about it. How many of you have been in jail? One year is more than enough.

  7. Let me look in my cracked and cloudy crystal ball….I foresee this asshole becoming an employee of the BTJT (Bubba, Thor, Dr Julio, and “Tiny”) Deli, home of the cockmeat sammich, served with nut butter and man meat mayo.
    That is all for now. Insert another nickel for more.

  8. Bad Ass? Nah. Predator yes. The dudes a faggot arm puncher. No power. He’s going to make a good bitch in prison. Hopefully him and his father are not in the same cell. They each deserve their own boy friends.

  9. Read the story. He was initially charged with simple assault, released on 25k bail. Skipped bail. Occasionally a
    Judge has bigger balls than the perp and will sentence him accordingly.


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