Remember Walking Backwards?

Researchers can’t explain it, but they’ve discovered that people who walk backwards improve their short term memory. They preformed better on five different memory tests than those who stood still or stepped forward. Participants were given something to remember then told to walk backwards for 30 feet. Asked questions about what they were told to commit to memory and “the backward-walking group got two more answers correct on average than the forward-walkers and the non-walkers.”

Even just visualizing themselves walking backwards improved recall.  More

19 Comments on Remember Walking Backwards?

  1. Hummmmm. So what causes the backward thinking that afflicts Congress, walking forward and trying to chew gum at the same time?

  2. “Remember Walking Backwards”?

    heck, I’m still remembering ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ … thanks a lot btw

  3. ““Remember Walking Backwards””?
    “heck, I’m still remembering ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’”.
    “Remember looking for a shoe”?
    “. . .memories. . ”.

  4. Safety tip…#1 Use caution when walking backwards without a backup camera.
    #2 Learn from the mistakes of others, because you’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.

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