Remember When Climate Change Meant The End Of Coffee?

Climate Deport: For roughly the last two years, the media has been warning us that climate change is threatening the world’s supply of coffee beans.

According to the hypothesis, growing conditions for coffee will no longer be suitable in many places, and plagues and pestilences will destroy the crops. If that doesn’t kill off coffee, then the lack of pollinators will.

As usual, the media wasn’t shy in its headlines. The New York Times bluntly stated “Climate Change Threatens World’s Coffee Supply, Report Says.” TIME magazine took it a step further: “Your Morning Cup of Coffee Is in Danger. Can the Industry Adapt in Time?” Newsweek, in its typical “dial-it-up-to-11” editorial style, wrote, “Climate Change Effects Could Mean the End of Coffee Beans.”  more

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  1. AGW is nothing but a global platform for world socialism.
    That’s why the GloBull warmers don’t care about the accuracy of their claims. It’s all about establishing power and control.

  2. I think they abandoned the coffee scare, and tried replacing it with ‘the end of chocolate’ scare
    that didn’t work either.
    There have been so many ‘scares’ that people have gotten addicted to them. Maybe they should switch over to promoting ‘climate change will cause the end of scares.’ People won’t know what to do.

  3. Whatever happened to that poor polar bear, last seen clutching an ice floe, drifting into oblivion and death? ….Lady in Red

  4. My beer tree is doing great!…I think it’s a symbiotic relationship….I pluck a beer and then water that same tree about 20 minutes later….

  5. When Warmenists tell me that coffee is but a sweet and gentle flower growing wild, doomed to be harshed out of existence by the weather, I have to assume that coffee is, in fact, a hardy, tough plant. Something you have to prune and control. And I have to wonder if the coffee bean growers like to present their crop as a labor of love over a tragile delicacy, when it actually grows like kudzu.

    I bought some African coffee at Costco. If Africa can export coffee, how hard can it be? And who let the warmenists decide which plants survive the coming GW extinction event? According to them, all the good plants get wiped out, while stuff like poison ivy, briars and crabgrass just cover everything. That’s mighty convenient.

  6. It’s not about the coffee and polar bears, it’s about the money that they can extract from us. These people have been wrong ever since they came up with this notion of warm/cooling. Settled science my rear end.

  7. Conservatives have always been the people most responsible and ethical stewards of the environment.
    The democrats have always been very very good at one thing and that is shifting blame.
    They’re incapable of responsible behavior and therefor need to create explanations for their destructive actions and at the same time point to others as the cause.

  8. Actually, hasn’t the shortage of certain commodities been caused more by war, pestilence and other rather more human fuck-ups than fake global warming?


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