Remember, You’re Only Allowed One Set Per Household!!

The right versus left chess set is… well…

ht/ no blushes

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  1. In real Left/Right chess, the Left gets to change the rules every time a turn is taken. If the Right objects, the Left hurls the board across the room, and the Right has to clean it up. If the Right is really stupid, it keeps playing over and over instead of just realizing the Left is fucking psychotic and should be locked up in the basement, since it prefers to just shove the chess pieces up its ass anyway.

  2. Is this from the same people who gave us the Trumpy Bear? How can they have stunning facts about the 2020 election when it hasn’t happened yet? And how come Jimma Cartah is not a rook or did we get rooked by him when he was President in 1976.

  3. Why would I want this chess set?
    I don’t want to see or hear ANYTHING about the 2020 election all year long.
    This is going to be a year from Hell.


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