Remembering Breitbart

Remembering Andrew Breitbart (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012)

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23 Comments on Remembering Breitbart

  1. I often wonder what Andrew Breitbart would have to say about all the goings on today. He is surely missed.

  2. Has it only been 6 years? Seems longer… like we’ve endured so much in his absence. Breitbart would be so proud of where we are.

    Great music video BFH!

  3. Get his Book Righteous Indignation it is so up lifting.
    I wished I had met him. He is Truly missed by many.
    Really nice Video BFH.

  4. I remember that early morning when I first saw the news of his death. Couldn’t believe the reason then and still can’t believe it.

    Andrew Breitbart was the contemporary turning point for the conservative movement. One man, one mission.

  5. He was the catalyst. Donald Trump probably wouldn’t have been elected without Breitbart opening people’s eyes.

    I’ll never forget how adamant Bill Whittle was that his “heart attack” was not suspicious because Breitbart did not take care of himself. Still, I remain skeptical that he died of “natural causes.”

  6. May he rest forever in God’s Loving Arms.

    I gave my too big shirt to a friend who has been an Andrew fan for a long time. I need a new one.

    Where do I get one please?

  7. I sure miss his spirit. He knew how to deal with the media. I think that some of the people on Twitter must have learned from him. They seem to know how to zing them, quite like BFH and Mr. Pinko.

  8. A smart, brave, honest man!
    Smart enough dot know right from wrong.
    Brave enough to say it,

    Honet wnouth to tell the truth, Not done so since ’88!

    I question his death as well – CallingMueller, Comey!


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