Remembering Pearl Harbor Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes.

On the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, so many brave crewmen showed immense courage in the face of grave danger and made their countrymen proud. From rescuing others to returning Japanese fire, these crewmen went above and beyond the call of duty that day and saved many lives.

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  1. My grandfather was stationed at Pearl Harbor. My dad was 6 at the time and was actually strafed by a Japanese plane. He never owned a Japanese car.

  2. extirpates & Tim, my sentiments also but we face a much more insidious enemy within our own ranks today. Those who hide behind their official public robes. May Barr and Durham be as brave and patriotic as those that stood firm at Pearl Harbor on this day 78 years ago and bring Brennan, Clapper, Comey etal to face the justice that they truly deserve.

  3. Go see the movie “Midway” if you want to learn about the men who paid the Japanese back for their surprise attack at Pearl Harbor.

  4. The “Old Man” never did soften in his hatred of the Japanese. Was given a hardship discharge before shipping out and being assigned to the USS Arizona. I probably wouldn’t be here if not…

    grool DECEMBER 7, 2019 AT 8:07 AM
    They should have listened to Patton.

    Should have listened to MacArthur…

  5. To silly and ignorant millennials all heroes wear capes and masks. They are comic book heroes like Spiderman and Batman. I thought they were heroes too, when I was eight years old.

    Most of them haven’t a clue about the real heroes in uniform, especially the WWII guys.

    Millenials – a sorry bunch of little shits for the most part.

  6. Millenial at Pearl Harbor: Oppressed Asians are shooting at us…fighting back against racism. Hooray for them!

    Millenial told to man an anti-aircraft gun at Pearl Harbor: But, I don’t know that that thing is for. And I am not a man.


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