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#RememberMississippi: Rick Perry and his dodgy campaign staff

TrevorLoudon Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry seems to have largely escaped the scrutiny recently directed toward Scott Walker for hiring establishment operative Brad Dayspring who aggressively lied about the Tea Party during the hotly contested Mississippi primary last year.

austin barbour

While Scott Walker, who this author has long suspected of as having establishment sympathies, has been appropriately getting heat for hiring a pro-Cochran thug, Rick Perry should also be called out for his “terrible hires,” including Henry Barbour (who previously worked for Perry), and should be “censured” and is “quite possibly the most despised campaign consultant in the entire conservative movement,” “McCain flunkie” Steve Schmidt (who believes that Sarah Palin “is filled with anger, has a divisive message”) and Austin Barbour (who also worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign) as senior adviser to three of Perry’s super PACs. more


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  1. Walker has some great cred but hiring Dayspring really made me question him. Dayspring is a huge sleezenugget, what he did to McDaniel in MI was beyond disgusting. No way I could support Scott now even with the great things he did in WI.

    WhyTF hire a guy who has open contempt for conservatives?

  2. What do they care if their candidate wins or losses. They still get paid a grundle of bucks and laugh at all the ‘committed to a cause’ suckers. They are really apolitical and their hero is the god of mammon. They would also work for any DemoRAT that would hire their sleazy butts, but the Demos already have plenty of their own jerkwads. The only difference is the Dem consultants win presidential elections!. Give only to the candidate of your choice and give it directly to them.

  3. Nobody’s perfect.
    But – BUT –
    “… you ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw.”

    Not implying that anything bad should happen to him, just saying that he should be judged by the company he keeps.

  4. That was the race where the Establishment mask was ripped away. Anybody working for Cochran should have “DNU” next to their name in every conservative’s team-building list.

  5. I recognized that name, Dayspring, but could not place it. Now I remember, that was a sad episode for the elephants. Anyone that has anything to do with that cast of characters is no good in my mind. Walker’s campaign may be over before it starts.

  6. Scorecard as of today!

    Rick Perry Nope!
    Jeb Bush Hell Nope, Hell Nope, Hell Nope!
    Grahamnesty Not only No but hell No!
    Fiorina Amnesty supporting Nope
    Tubo from NJ Obama hugging Nope
    Rubio Amnesty loving RINO Nope
    Walker Enemy consultant (hired) Nope

    Trump Maybe
    Cruz Yep
    Jindal Yep
    Carson Maybe

  7. sorry, pard’, but a montage of trump talk on the am radio last week had a clip with him saying ‘there probably ought to a path’ as in citizenship but didn’t Jonah Goldberg make that case, too?

  8. One small clarification
    (NOT excuse or apology – just the facts, ma’am):

    It was a Walker PAC – NOT Walker’s campaign itself – which hired Dayspring.

    FWIW, I feel the same about walker at this time.

  9. Yep, I’ve always been suspicious of Walker. It’s great that he stood up to unions. . . but then, so did Christie.

    If he has made a strong stand on any of the other issues, like the invasion, the 2nd amendment, getting government out of schools, controlling (or eliminating EPA, HUD, BLM, DOE, ATF, and DEA), etc. then he’s been really, really quiet about it.

    I find it difficult to believe that any politician who wins a statewide office in a deep “blue” state is trustworthy.

    I also resent them taking the color “blue” that historically meant conservative and giving us “red” historically associated with democrats (and other communists). I believe the statement “sea of blue” was used to describe the electoral map after Reagan’s win.

  10. Note to the sane: the devil turns everything upside down. Note to the insane: we’re going to fix it.

  11. sorry pard that’s a mispost for sure- gotta busted mouse and that’s not the only time its screwed things up

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