Reminder: Government Shutdown Shuts Almost Nothing

The Lid: Whenever you hear the media bray about how terrible it is to have a government shutdown, understand that they are always, always lying to you about what a government shutdown even means. This time it means very little as less than 10% of the government will cease operating.

This week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) slammed the media and warned his constituents not to be all caught up in the lies from the fake news media on all this “government shutdown” business.

Massie jumped to his Twitter account to warn America not to get fooled.

“If Congress doesn’t pass an Omnibus by Dec. 21st, we won’t have a government #shutdown,” Massie noted. “It’d be hard to even characterize it as a government slowdown! I made this graphic to show what shuts down (less than 10%) and what keeps going (over 90%!). The media isn’t telling you this!”  MORE

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  1. Remember all the damage to the country, and to each of us individually, when a government shutdown incurred on the Wednesday of the week Daddy Bush was buried!

  2. But how will I ever know the electrifying conclusion to $300,000 studies determining if girls play with Barbie dolls more than boys or how far mudskippers can travel on a treadmill or the effect of Swedish massage on rabbits?

    Rabbits are going to have unresolved neck tension if we don’t keep the baby parts factory funded.

  3. A government shutdown? Oh no, does that mean the IRS will not be around to confiscate your hard earned money! Oh, the pain!

  4. Not to mention they receive retroactive pay. So essentially it’s a paid vacay for fed employees.

    Gee, I bet employees in the private sector would love retroactive pay every time they’re laid off.

  5. the federal senior executive service contains the cream of waste and ignorance. firing ten percent of SES would free up considerable funds. those funds would be a good start on the Wall funding. How much funding does SES go thru in a year you ask? I am told it is classified and concealed in the depths of the budget and unknowable. now I am thinking some what more than ten percent of those clowns need to go find a real job. those who can-do. those who can’t-get jobs with government. any questions?

  6. Bring it, bitches. Donald Trump already squashed the Dems talking point that the “caravan” was nothing more than a midterm political scare tactic. Actually, reality squashed that talking point. Even dimwits that get all their news from the networks have seen what’s happening in Tijuana.

    All Trump has to do is keep driving home the point that a few years ago, ALL these hypocritical lefties were FOR increased border security. This is all political bullshit because they don’t like HIM.

  7. And let’s not forget the upcoming mini four-day all government shutdown that will occur on December 22, 23, 24 and 25th! How will the country survive it?

  8. @Jimmy December 17, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    > Is it just me, or is 2019 threatening to totally suck?

    Only if it doesn’t blow.

  9. You mean those extra people they brought in to install barricades blocking off entrance to the WWII Memorial to keep away those 90+ year old veterans in wheelchairs was an act?


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