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  1. I do not want to hear these words from President Trump:

    “The state of the Union is strong.”

    I would rather hear:

    “The Federal Government sucks! We are DRAINING THE SWAMP.”

  2. he deserves a one-time use of “inherited a disaster”, then own it and show the leadership that brings confidence in our new direction

  3. Technically, it’s not a SOTU, but just technically. And this is the event I first envisioned Trump speaking at. I have been waiting for this my whole life!! (it seems)

    If you had the good fortune to see his performance at the Smith dinner and remember his unvarnished criticism of broken gov’t at his inaugural, I think we are in for a repeat performance. One hopes. Some of those RINOs probably already have a spot picked out in the concourse and a CNN reporter all lined up for the after show.

  4. My BINGO drinking words will be “compromise”, “import tax (tariff)”, and “fake news” (not the forum for that talking-point).

    I hope to remain sober.

  5. “Huge”, Fantastic”, “Great”.
    Not too many “I”, “Umm”, “Ahh”, etc. Which will make it a hard speech for the MSM. They won’t be able to keep up while thumbing their dictionary’s to find the meaning of all the big words.

  6. @JB — Looks like the pickins are slim tonight on cable and broadcast. Even CSPAN has talkovers from the left on tonight! I’m going to take a look to see who is livestreaming it on YT.

  7. Fur, are putting up a new liveblog thread for this or ??

    Just watched Graham and McCain walk in like two junior high girlfriends. All giggly and such. They’re looking for seats together. LOL

  8. Fauxcahontas always looks and dresses like a PS librarian. Makes me think her breath smells of library paste and her clothes faintly of cat urine.

  9. Ryan always fidgets and scratches. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but I think he’s too immature to be House Speaker.

  10. Probably the most work done today by Ryano was assembling the list of “gentle-persons” to escort PRESIDENT TRUMP into the house chamber. Of course, I could be wrong and we may wish to check Ryano’s knees for dirt, he may have put a little more effort into his work today.

  11. @LocoBlancoSaltine ‘If Trump says “you didn’t build that” I will eat MJA’s underwear!’

    You’d eat MJA’s underwear in any case.

  12. Off topic for just a sec.


    Now. Let’s live blog… 😈

  13. Melanie looks lovely.
    I like that President Trump chose a different ties from the usual red or blue.
    I think also that DJT visited iOTW because his hair looks well coiffed! Trimmed and parted…looks nice!

  14. What’s all these cracks about my underpants???
    Actually I AM missing a few pair. Not only that, baggage handlers stole my bra at the airport. I am not kidding. But that’s a story for another day.

  15. Women entrepreneurs…did the Dems applaud that?

    Dem women entrepreneurs knit p*ssy hats and march in the streets. I hope they are not eligible for funding.

  16. This is a friggin Grand Salami.
    Hearing it said in front of the dems, in a captive audience, simply highlights how out of touch those evil cretins are.

  17. I love how the dems are on FULL DISPLAY for America to see how traitorous they all. Keep sitting and keep quiet. It’s good for us!

    To quote a live tweet from Mr. Pinko that just came over the Manderin wire…


  18. I hope everyone here is HAPPY that we now have a President who love us and our country, it took a lot of hard work to get him in the cat birds seat, butt here he is Talking to us, yes us, as our new and Great leader.
    Give them hell President Donald John Trump.

  19. Really hard to read latest comments and scroll past hundreds of comments to put up a new post. (Next time)

    Merit based immigrant system? Crazy talk. That Americans love. Amen brother Donald.

  20. illustr8r, you are so right.
    This is like watching the promise of a young thoroughbred finally sprint around the track with ease, power and grace.

  21. Trump. Someone who actually knows howvto fix the ifrastructure of the U.S.A. Just imagine how that increase the skilled trade professions and jobs. Not even millenials can pass that up.

  22. This is the first state of the union I have watched in eight years. I truly believe he is much more presidential and believable than Obama ever was

  23. Dems are hanging themselves by sitting on their hands. America is behind President Trump’s agenda.

  24. Imploding Obamacare disaster. Barry is sobbing in Reggie’s arms right now.
    Health insurance across state lines. Barry is screaming in his pillow.

  25. I absolutely love the democrats just sitting. Love the women in white dresses. It shows the AMERICAN PEOPLE just who the enemy is.
    May GOD BLESS AMERICA and may the dumb-ass-o-crats go the way of the whigs.
    Be gone, I am done with you. ( Kinda like what I said to my ex-wife). Be friggin gone

  26. Maybe he tossed that “family leave” stuff to placate the Dems.
    BUT it’ll be Trump’s version of family leave- not the leftard’s unicorn dream of it.

  27. “Education is the Civil Rights issue of our time”


    dems fear this the most … they are invested in keeping minorities enslaved

  28. School vouchers for disadvantaged families.

    B O O M !!!!!!

    Cannon shot was just fired at the democrat plantation!!

  29. I love when PRESIDENT Trump looks down his nose at the dems after he says he’s going to help black and latino children.

    The look on his face matches his thoughts.
    “Call me a racist you motherf*£€¥ers!”

  30. School choice including homeschool. Safe streets and communities with law enforcement support. Oh oh, black leftist tools will want to leave the plantation.

  31. I hate the Democrats. Heartless, gutless, scum.

    BTW: I didn’t know the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ladies were invited to this. Those are the women wearing white, right? Or are they the vestigial virgins awaiting the next jihadi? (How stupid and immature can adult people be?)

  32. One job I would not want tomorrow is Janitor at the Capital. Cleaning the shit stains from the seats at the demorat side of the aisle.

  33. Calm and steady, the man is all business. You can tell he means what he says! He will get results and heads will continue to explode. Far effin out.

  34. @BFH I seriously want an explanation from my hate filled Libtards on Facebook what was so out of bounds in this speech? Only that Hillary didn’t give it? Because WTF!?!?!

  35. OMG! dems are standing for Veterans

    … the sound of buttplugs dropping out is covered up by the applause

  36. LocoBlancoSaltine FEBRUARY 28, 2017 AT 9:57 PM
    They are wearing white to support “women’s suffrage.”

    BWHahahahahahaha! 🙂

    Can’t make this shit up!

    A great man I know said they are wearing white because there is a klan meet after the speech.

  37. Trump has boxed in the left-wing media.
    If there is anything but glowing reviews for this speech, we know for sute that the media is nothing but FAKE NES!!!!

  38. Real hope and real change. I’m so glad that all of us that fought the good fight against Obozo for eight miserable years have lived to see this day.

  39. “My job is not to represent the World. My job is to represent the United States of America”


  40. Well if that did not make you tear up, Trump’s speaking directly to the wife of a slain Navy Seal.
    Our new leader.

  41. Trump has eclipsed any speech ever given by Obama and without a teleprompter… this guy is awesome!! He just put America first! Liberals synching their menstral cycles in 3…2…1…

  42. I see the collapse of a decrepit and corrupt political party.

    Trump has taken the high ground on everything. He owns the downside.

  43. “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America” Yes, Mr. Trump!
    Barry is weeping in front of a mirror and George W is kicking something.

  44. And out they go, like rats on a sinking ship.
    The Demi-Rats could not wait to leave.
    Gonna be so much fun in the next 50 years.
    No Demi-rats thinking they can control

  45. Whatever the experts say, I really don’t give a fuck. It was a great speech. Nice to hear an American speak to us again, after eight years of bullshit.

  46. I just realized that a President who believes what he says can speak at length without a teleprompter. A President who speaks the words of his handlers must have one. MAGA

  47. There wasn’t a single thing our President said tonight that should not resonate with all real Americans. Any libtard D who disagrees with the main points of his speech need say nothing more about their true faith and allegiance to this country.

  48. Democrat responder, former governor of Kentucky,
    I may be a Democrat, but I am also a proud Republican,…. errr. American.


  49. What is best in life?
    Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

    Conan Trump just crushed his enemies

  50. That speech was given by divinely guided man. America has a real president again. It’s been a long 8 years in the wilderness.

  51. We are so blessed to have President Trump as our spokesman.
    Thank you God for not leaving us wandering for four more years, and not knowing where we are going.
    The path is clear, now we all must help in keeping the way open for our leader.
    Make the calls in support of him, and the calls to turn others to our side, this is the beginning of a long battle.

  52. The Dem response from someone NOT currently sitting in office, and which only made sense if he was responding to the Obama administration. What alternate reality is he from?

  53. President Trump is magnificent! That speech wea incredible. Loved it!
    God is truly Good and He has given us one more chance to get it right. God bless President Trump.

  54. Just so you know: *THIS* is the same Donald J. Trump I listened intently to at the first rally I attended. He hasn’t changed one whit. Trust me on this. The Trump Effect is the spell he casts on everyone around him. He instills confidence, big dreams, big plans and great expectations of ourselves. That’s what a real leader does. That is who he is and has always been. We are blessed by God, make no mistake.

  55. Well, Hillary should be just about finished with her second bottle of bourbon. Maybe in the morning, we will hear that she chocked to death on her own vomit.

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