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Ren fair spoiled by gay wedding


I took my household (six children, ages 3-15, and myself) to the Renaissance Festival at the Billings zoo this past weekend. It was our first time to go, and overall, the kids enjoyed it very much.

We attended the parade, a barbarian raid, jousting and a royal wedding, as well as hearing numerous musical groups and looking through many booths. I expected some cleavage and wondered if there would be profanity and rough language. I heard no rough language, for which I was thankful for.

However it was shocking and disappointing that the “royal wedding” was a gay wedding with a long, deep-throated kiss at the end. I took my whole crew to this, as when one of the girls saw it on the program, she wanted to go. There was no parental warning anywhere that this was going to be a gay wedding, and I left it sickened and angry that that was presented with no warning. I apologized to my kids, and told them I would not have subjected them to that, if I had known.

If the Renaissance organizers wished to have their royal wedding show be between a lesbian couple, then I feel they should have put that on the flyer or been a warning at the beginning of the show, so that families who believe that is perversion could make the choice of whether they wanted their children exposed to that or no

I believe that my rights as a parent were violated when the lesbian wedding was presented without warning. I came very close to leaving the fair because of it, but after driving 100 miles to come, standing in line for an hour to get in and paying the entry fee, decided to go to one more show and then decide.

The fair is presented as a family event, and other than this very disappointing choice by the organizers, I felt that it was. I hope that the organizers will give this consideration as they prepare for next year and if they want adult-only or gay presentations, then I ask them to make that clear in the program, so parents can avoid what they feel is inappropriate.

Marilyn Mader

Lame Deer


The publication published a rebuttal from a woman who was offended that someone was offended—

I am so offended that you printed the letter from the woman whose Montana Renaissance Festival was ruined by a lesbian couple’s wedding! Would you have printed a letter written by a person complaining about an interracial marriage taking place? Hate is hate. The next thing that will happen is her trip to the mall will be ruined because of a woman in a hijab. “I had to leave the mall because their could’ve been a bomb!”

People use ignorance for an excuse to discriminate. This woman has six kids. She took them to a Renaissance festival, was not concerned about fantasy violence, or inappropriate dress. She was worried about two people expressing their love to one another. The more we as a nation allow people to spew their hatred and pretend that it is OK, the lesser of a human we become. If it is your religion that tells you to hate and judge, then you are reading deeper into your scriptures than they were written!

Allicia Harold


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  1. The point that was missed by the lady with the kids is that gay stuff is “family” now. Sadly, the perverts who engage in this abominable behavior want it recognized as normal and nice, when in actuality there ain’t nothing nice or gay about it.

    The notion that “two people who love each other” have nothing to hide or feel bad about will never be true in God’s Law or Loving understanding of how humans were created.

    The Scriptures are fairly clear and straight-forward actually and it takes some messing with the text to even start making this anti-family and anti-procreational behavior “normal.”

  2. 1st lady never said anything
    about “hate”.She just wanted to
    walk away because she did not want
    her children to be exposed to homosexuality.
    2nd lady talks about “spewing hatred” and
    “judging” ? I am somewhat grown up and have no
    children but I would walk away also,quietly and
    without hate or judgement.

  3. That idiotic response from Allicia Harold is a perfect example of the “evolved” thinking from the new left. She doesn’t seem capable of making any distinction between expressions of love {as she characterized the couples kiss} and vulgar public displays.
    Raising children these days has to be depressingly hard for those that just want a decent environment in which to do so.

  4. I say it’s perfectly OK to have preferences… including the right to be disgusted with certain behavior and the right to raise your children the way you see fit! Turning that into “spewing hatred” is simply social “justice” arm-twisting on the part of those trying to normalize deviance and stick it in our faces!

  5. Didn’t she realize Robin Hood and Maid Marian were assigned unisex names in anticipation of the day the world recognized transgenders as normal? 🙄

  6. It should be renamed “Resistance Fair” if the organizers are going to allow exhibitions that belong in our decadent times.

  7. The way it’s going there will soon be:
    Cis-gen Renaissance Fair
    Black lives Matter Renaissance Fair
    Gay and Alphabet Renaissance Fair
    Latino Renaissance Fair
    Indigenous peoples Renaissance Fair
    Wall-eye Renaissance Fair
    Mid Century Modern Renaissance Fair
    Oatmeal Enthusiast Renaissance Fair

  8. A general FYI: Yellowstone National Park is readily accessible via WY and UT, for those choosing to avoid the new MT.

    I wonder are they cloning their same-sex cattle up there? You know, in deference to diversity and tolerance.

  9. A violent barbarian raid and jousting is okay for the kids, but a wedding of two beautiful people is bad. Typical breeder logic.

  10. LARPers in general are infantilized attention whores, children. I never went to a Renaissance Nerdathon when they started back in the ’70s for this reason alone. Ditto for Cowboy Action Shooters, Furries, Auntqueefa, etc.

  11. Makes sense. After all, the fundamental thing that truly distinguished the Renaissance Era was the Catholic Church’s open embrace of homosexual marriage and sexually acting out in front of small children

    So someone tell that woman to JUST (contorting face into foaming-at-the-mouth rage mask) DEAL WITH IT!!!


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