Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) says MSNBC won’t let anyone on unless he talks about impeachment

American Thinker: Does it get more blatant than this?  A lefty congressman, Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks, California, says he can’t get airtime on MSNBC unless he promises to talk about impeachment.  No impeachment talk, no airtime for him.

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  1. Mr. Peabody lets the cat out of the bag. Not exactly shocking since they hammer away daily with their lies and distortions.

  2. …OK, let’s talk about impeachment. We need to impeach the President for a wide range of high crimes and misdemeanors, starting with fraudulently presenting himself, a foreign national, as a qualified citizen to even be able to run, going through numerous blatantly unconstitutional acts, misfeasence and malfeasance in office, treason, murder, and espionage on political opponents just to get STARTED.

    …I’m talking, of course, about “president” “Barack” “Obama”, aka Barry Soetoro.

    …yes, you CAN impeach former presidents. A conviction could lead to jail time, vacating the seats of ALL his appointees throughout the Federal Govenment as he had no legal right to MAKE them, vacating ALL his acts and EOs for the same reason, and clearing the way for him to hang
    for treason after getting him to turn on his co-conspirators.

    …so yes, by all MEANS, let’s talk about impeachment. It’s the conversation we SHOULD have had in 2008.

    (Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution says that impeachment may result in “disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States,” The practical effect would mean “Obama” could not serve in any other federal elective or appointive office.)

  3. They are doing us a favor. Keep it up you supplicant gutless butt sniffers. We are experiencing a Constitutional crisis; our democracy, our very way of life is hanging on the precipice. The rule of law demands that every Congress critter must step up and do his duty and if they vacillate or shrink from the responsibility then it is incumbent upon those fair mined arbiters of justice and the American way to hold them accountable.

    Nothing is more important, not healthcare, infrastructure, tariffs, terrorism, education, nothing is more important than bringing that election stealer president to justice, the people (and Hillary) demand it.

  4. To this day, I cannot believe MSNBC actually still exists. I cannot believe corporations are spending and wasting their money buying air time for their commercials. In the broadcasting trade, commercials running on losing broadcasts were paying a dollar a holler to run an ad.

  5. …of course, if they want to talk about impeachment of the CURRENT President, I’d be up for THAT, too.

    I’d start with how unhinged they are for even suggesting it, advise them to get professional help, point out how they STILL have nothing because there ARE no crimes, tell them how the subsequent Senate trial will bring a LOT of folks they DON’T want testifying under oath in to testify starting with Mueller, inform them that all they are doing at THIS point is driving more voters TO President Trump, and finish with how, even if they DID manage to politic their way to “successfully” removing our President that the celebration would be short-lived, as the Civil War it would incite would very quickly turn against them since we have ALL the shooters and MOST of the military in OUR side, and I’m not sure if they want to be hung while still hung-over from the impeachment party.

    …so again, yes, let’s DO talk about impeachment. There’s a LOT that would be good for them to hear, although they would never actually LISTEN…

  6. Get enough presentable evidence and this sort of thing becomes a crime.

    Since it supports and reports only the Democrat platform, positions and candidates, it amounts to an undeclared campaign/political party contribution.

    Not that that would ever be applied to anything other than a Republican.

  7. The Democrat leadership want to drag the impeachment process through to November of 2020. They know an impeachment will not result in a conviction by the Senate, so the next best thing will be to fill the airwaves and internet with accusations and slander right up to the election. They know this rush toward impeachment could finish the process well before the election, maybe before the end of 2019. The detractors to this approach are primarily those who may face jail-time as a result of Barr’s investigations into the Russia Collusion debacle. They need a distraction now — big time — and the news networks desperately need a ratings spike.

  8. Will, I am not sure of the situation in the US, but there is in Canada cable channels that the government says are “must carry.”

    The CBC news channel is a must carry.

    The Global news channel is a must carry.

    The CTV news channel is a must carry.

    The business channel is a must carry.

    The conservative news channel, which had more viewers than any of the above (and probably more then any two of them put together) was NOT a must carry,

    Guess which one went out of business.

  9. Supernightshade, do you by any chance live in South Carolina? You remind me a lot of an old frat brother who lives there…

  10. RickeyG
    JUNE 2, 2019 AT 5:09 PM
    “Supernightshade, do you by any chance live in South Carolina? You remind me a lot of an old frat brother who lives there… ”

    …sorry, @RickeyG, I’m just an unwilling Ohioan that only gets to look at SC on not-frequent- enough trips to Myrtle Beach and points South.

    …I did once DRINK enough to qualify for a frat, but I never PLEDGED one. And that was a LOT of years ago that the Lord cured me of the drinking part…

    …also, my profoundest sympathies for ever having had to deal with someone as curmudgeonly as me, at whatever distance. I apologize on his behalf.

    God bless, SNS.

  11. Super, your writing style and opinions both mirror my buddy in SC, he mostly pontificates on a Facebook group we’re in. I enjoy reading both of your comments!

  12. Let’s understand who’s pulling the stings here. Please make sure that NBC is emphasized in the name msNBC. After all, they pay the checks and nuthin happens on msNBC unless it meets the approval of NBC.


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