Rep. Dave Joyce On Intel Memo: “Americans will be surprised how bad it is”

Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH), told Fox News Monday the House intelligence committee plans on releasing the document, but warned that once Americans see it they’ll “be surprised how bad it is.”  Watch at Conservative Treehouse.

SNIP: I’m sure the memo is delightfully criminal and everything, but can we please get on with it? Let’s see it!

30 Comments on Rep. Dave Joyce On Intel Memo: “Americans will be surprised how bad it is”

  1. Congressman Dave Brat confirmed to me that it’s very bad and he now
    Knows the names of all the players.

    Flounder tells me “this is gonna be GREAT!”


    It’s time to close down D.C. for only essential security issues and the states take up the slack for 5 years until all the rats leave down and we can start over.

  3. CNN will avoid covering it on released and/or they will have everyone in Spin Mode saying how it was just a few bad apples. If you point a finger at Lynch or Obama, Don Lemon, Joy Reid et al. are going to play the race card.
    If anything, the Left is operating like a certain religious death cult and has their own form of Taqiya تقیة‎ . When caught, they are the victim.

  4. Surprised by the level of corruption, lies, lawlessness, deceit, and arrogance of obozo, hillary, comey, rice, brennan, clapper? Does this guy think the American people are naive? I beg to differ: most Americans will be surprised not in the least. As for me it will serve to confirm everything I know about these schittweasel crooks.

  5. If indictments come out of this this year, I’m gonna go to a local hipster bar and buy rounds for all the snowflakes and CELEBRATE!!!! And watch them fucking weep.

  6. I’ve been imagining it for years and often stated that one had to believe the absolute worst about the people in charge (The 0bama Admin) for anything to make sense.

    Again, why does this need to be “released” for Justice to proceed?

  7. Lazlo ponders, is the caving of Cryin’ Chuck on the Closure, related to how bad it is? Are they trying to be seen as behaving all of a sudden?

  8. Joyce is my Congressman and I e-mailed him yesterday urging him to push for releasing the memo. Haven’t heard back from him or his office but this story tells me that he’s in line with what we want.

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