Rep. Ilhan Omar insults healthcare workers, calls for ‘national lockdown’

LifeZette: She discounts the work of nurses and doctors during the crisis.

On top of her recent praise of President Donald Trump’s “incredible” response to the coronavirus, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has also called for a nationalization of hospitals, for freeing criminals held by ICE, and has criticized an innocent family video shared by Ivanka Trump. The video encouraged following health guidelines.

Omar also wants a deportation freeze and more taxpayer cash to fund programs for illegal aliens who may enter the United States.

Warming to her major themes, on Thursday Omar called for a national lockdown of all Americans for an indefinite period. She, like the rest of the Left, understands people trapped in their own cages are easier to control.

The Trump administration is very unlikely to take her advice, as the president has said there are areas in the country less affected by the coronavirus that could return to a sense of normalcy relatively soon, perhaps within weeks.

Omar also said America lacked a “functioning healthcare system.” read more

20 Comments on Rep. Ilhan Omar insults healthcare workers, calls for ‘national lockdown’

  1. Our functioning health care system is what is keeping people alive. Does this ignorant harpy understand that our RRTs (and scores of other professionals) are dealing with hundreds of patients per shift? And to the best of their abilities keeping these patients alive?

    We don’t drink camel piss and kerosene around here — unlike the shithole where she comes from.

    Fuck you, you worthless sack of shit.

  2. Didn’t read the article. My first response is why are we (here on iOTW) even giving this c*nt a platform to spew her vile garbage?

    p.s. I know that we have to “know our enemy”, but I’m sick of these treasonous anti-Americans constantly chipping away at our Constitution and civil liberties.

    Sighhh, they require us to remain vigilant.

  3. And we know who she’d like to enforce a national lockdown. It won’t be anybody with good intentions who cares about our Constitutional freedoms and liberties, guarandamnteed. Ship her back to Somalia if she hates it so much here and never ever let her back into the US under any circumstances. I used to hate the phrase America love it or leave it when I was younger, now I’m all for it.

  4. On Jeopardy, they claimed the USPS toyed with delivery of mail via rocket, decades ago.

    Can’t we repatriate obvious aliens back to their shitholes via this expediant method?

  5. @JDHasty March 29, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    > Armed vigilantes chop down tree, block driveway to force neighbor into quarantine

    Not “neighbor[s]”. Invaders. Foreign overlords. Escaping their zoological gardens. With (not, merely, “from”) the plague (according to foreign overlords).

    But at least the “locals” were armed. To kill a tree. They’re not, merely, hoarding. At all.

  6. Somalia has a much better Health care system.

    She should go check it out!

  7. My collection of Sea Monkeys deserve more credibility than Ilhan Omar.

    May mohammad choke to death on the Qur’an.

  8. She is the most vile piece of shit this side of tlaib, pelosi, clinton and either obama.

    How the FUCK did this pig wide up in one of the highest offices in our country??????????????

  9. Creatures like her (it) are absolutely orgasmic at the thought of using the virus as an excuse to implement their brand of Chaos!

  10. Frankly, it’s assholes with the same worldview as hers that are responsible for most of the world’s messes, including and especially the current one.


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