Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Republican Opponent Raises Concerns About Pattern of Traffic Violations

Epoch Times: Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar was arrested for failing to show current driver registration during her 2018 congressional campaign, marking the latest in a pattern of traffic incidents that include an arrest for driving without a license and two apparent driver’s license suspensions. Her Republican opponent believes these traffic violations point to deeper issues that should concern the voters.

In the case of State of Minnesota vs. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, filed on Oct. 25, 2018 in Hennepin County Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown court, Omar was convicted of Failure to Display Current Registration — Expired Plates, a petty misdemeanor.

Omar was convicted on November 16, 2018, shortly after her election to U.S. Congress. The October 4, 1982 birth date of the convicted person matches Congresswoman Omar’s birthdate.

“The lack of reporting is concerning. I get it, the district has been a Democratic district for a little while, but at what point is the press required to do their job and actually inform the people of character concerns?,” Danielle Stella, Omar’s 2020 Republican challenger, told The Epoch Times, referring to the failure by the media to report on Omar’s traffic troubles.
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21 Comments on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Republican Opponent Raises Concerns About Pattern of Traffic Violations

  1. Arrests certainly qualify her to be a “sqwad” member.
    I won’t attach the honorable military reference to it.
    A bad homonym is all it rates.

  2. I imagine this will come to nothing, the same way it would for a Republican doing the same things (even Trump).

  3. Why don’t I ever have problems with the law concerning such petty offenses?

    Must be muh white privilege!

  4. But remember, she loves America more than native-born Americans.

    She’s like every other illegal alien in America. Probably never bought a dime’s worth of auto insurance, either. And drives around with a cardboard dealer’s tag for months, if not years, with no legal consequences.

    They keep telling me about police cars which are able to scan zillions of car tags at once, yet the roads are still filled with third world scofflaws, wrecking cars and lives, then fleeing back into the shadows after they are let go without punishment.

    And anonymous, if you’re trying to make a point about elites getting special exemptions, be aware that all of her violations occurred when she was just another surly towelhead driving around town.

  5. I think we are being a little “hard” on Ilhan and her 3 fellow squad members. After all, they are giving Nancy fits, and may send her to an (not so) early grave.

  6. Law is for people who follow the law. She’s not concerned with the law. TPC (The Protected Class) is above the law. She’s got better things to do like call people racist.

  7. She was never given a citation with all the miles put behind her while riding her camel. Can’t you racists give her some slack?

  8. That reminds me: Anyone hear of what became of Hunter Biden’s returned rental car, the dope, his ID, etc? Me neither.

  9. …and what about he Smollett (sp?) case? Anyone know how long it takes a Special Investigator to sift through some pretty basic facts?


    Or HANG ‘EM HIGH – whichever is more convenient.

  11. Don’t forget all the taxes she didn’t pay for drivers licenses, no taxes paid for auto registration, arrest fines, no taxes for expired auto plates, and drivers license suspensions. When will Minnesota wake up and sluff off the deadbeat, liberal that reflects your moronic representative.

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