Rep. Turner Had the Best Hearing Moment Yesterday

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  1. LOL! I didn’t know that phrase came from The Odd Couple.

    Turner did a good job with that guy.
    Also, I think Sondland should have been given 2 benadryls. That dude was amped up!

  2. Sondland is enamored with the thought that his face of is on so many TVs.
    His makeup people used TurtleWax on his empty dome TWICE, in order to achieve that special narcissistic glow……

  3. We expected Schiff to claim Sondland tied Trump to a quid pro quo despite Sondland expressly stating that the President said he wanted nothing. Schiff is a brainless partisan windbag with no accountability to anyone, so no one is surprised by his press conference.

    We are likewise not surprised CNN would run a headline that is false. This is because CNN has no business even claiming they are a real news outlet, and because CNN is peopled by brainless partisan windbags. Good on Rep. Turner for reinforcing these concepts.

  4. Rep. Turner put a hot spotlight on The Absurd!
    CNN: The intersection of Mediocrity and Mendacity where the truth goes to die.
    AKA: No Function Junction

  5. First thing on the news last night, Sondland says quid pro quo, Trump guilty, guilty, guilty. Repubs focusing on a “sliver” of testimony, “i just assumed.” Hang the media side by side with the dems.

  6. The fact that an Oregon Congressman (D… natch) called on protesters to harass Sondlond owned businesses and Soros paid thugs harassed Sondlond’s family all this past week is evidence of coordinated witness tampering by the democrats. The fact that Sondlond’s lawyers wrote up a 23 page opening statement that implied exactly the opposite of what was true shows that they were not protecting the best interests of their client but were, in fact, working with Schiff as well. They should be disbarred. All this was done to manipulate the news cycle to generate false headlines that would be mined later to justify an impeachment.

    Democrats are Orwellian, dystopian motherfuckers of the first order. They want the Constitution rendered completely useless, and they are winning because there are virtually an infinite number of lies they can tell but there is only one Truth.

  7. FarmWife, I think your presumption demands immediate and thorough investigations of everyone he’s ever met along with their tax returns.


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