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“This is just creepy. We already know Hussein was a puppet whose mission was to help facilitate the destruction of our country. It appears Boot Edge Edge is Hussein 2.0.” – Lisa Mei Crowley

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  1. At night Budgie Boy must turn the lights down low in his bedroom, light a candle, put on something slinky and watch Obamau speeches. Etc… Ewww.

  2. I bet this duet is just the tip. Of the iceberg. Probably not an original word, in any of the many languages he claims to speak, coming out of Mynah Bird Buttigiegā€™s mouth, or wherever.

    You know what they say: History repeats, first as a closeted tragedy, then as a campy farce.

  3. Smarmy, know-it-all fucktard is his default setting.

    His pathetic pandering to blacks last night was obvious. Just for the record, rimjobs don’t lower the unemployment rate.

  4. Trump should be re-tweeting this with something on the order of ‘not an original thought, ever!! Him tweeting it just about guarantee it going viral and wreck his campaign. Unless he saves it for the general election should Petey happen to win it, then pull it out and say ‘do you really want four years of THIS??!?!?!?’

  5. Peter Butt’s fanny farming is not historic – Oblowzo already planted his pecker on that presidential peak. He’d merely be relegated to sloppy seconds in the Lincoln Log bedroom with that sparkly Chasten odd bedfellow.

  6. What?
    You think I just pulled Obola outta my ass?

    Mmmmm … Obola in my ass … mmmm …
    Kinda shame that we’re both catchers …

  7. My precious Petey B is the real deal people. Do you know why he walks like he has a dick up his ass? Because he just HAD a dick up his ass!

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