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Replace The Word Transwoman With Man and You See What the Agenda is All About

Written by Lorelei @hatpinwoman – A woman is an adult human female.

Men want to be allowed inside women’s rape shelters where the women are trying to heal from male violence.

Men who have committed crimes, including serious sex offences against women and children, want to be in women’s prisons 

Men want medicine to transplant wombs into them & they also want medicine to help them ‘breastfeed’ babies. Regardless of potential risks to that baby

Men want women to be unable to meet without them present and they insist they must always be included if they say so 

Men don’t want women to be able to name themselves as a distinct group of humans anymore

Men insist they are better women than us

Men think that if they get their penises out in women’s changing rooms,women should just “look away”

Men think lesbians should sleep with them 

Men think they should be allowed to give any woman, including a profoundly disabled woman, intimate care against her will.

Men think they should be able to socially, and legally, lie about their sex even though male violence exists and women and girls deserve rights. 

Men think it’s ok to threaten women with rape and murder if we say no to them about any of this.

Men have assaulted women who have said no to them about this.

Men think women should be socially isolated if we won’t pretend they are the same as us. 

Men think that calling women “bodies with vaginas” and “uterus havers” is social justice but, for some reason, they aren’t demanding to be called “bodies with prostates” or “sperm generators”

Men think that women lie about being threatened, assaulted and even raped by them 

Men think it’s ok to lie to children about biological sex even though male violence exists and children deserve to know which group of adults is generally much safer.

Men think they should be prioritised in feminism

Men think International Women’s Day should be about them 

Men think their feelings are more important than women’s safety or women’s rights

Men think that performing stereotypes about women changes their sex

Men think women should submit to their needs in all spheres of public life

Men insist we should be punished if we won’t submit  & if you’re a man, whether you want to be or not, and you read this & say, “I’m not demanding any of that, this is a calumny against my sex.” then start speaking up against the monstrous demands that other men are making.

Stand with women against this

#NotAllMen….so where are you? 

17 Comments on Replace The Word Transwoman With Man and You See What the Agenda is All About

  1. I prefer to replace the word Transwoman with AFU…

  2. I would change that to ‘evil sick mentally ill’ men, but that would be too wordy to repeat.

  3. Diversity Equity Inclusion business decisions
    SHOULD be spelled DIE for that business.

  4. I keep wondering; where is N.O.W. ? It’s in their wheelhouse.

  5. Yep. Man-splaining womanhood to women. They couldn’t condecend harder.

  6. @ Bongo AT 9:50 AM

    “Progressives” are “progressives” first, last and always. Their leadership are going to side with whatever side promises to do the best job of increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. N.O.W. Is progressive/Marxist/Satanist and always has been.

  7. “I keep wondering; where is N.O.W. ? It’s in their wheelhouse.”

    Honestly, when gay and lesbian groups are starting to wake up and distance themselves from the trans insanity but so-called feminist/women’s organizations are all in… well that is quite possibly the most revealing part of it all.

  8. NOW is in the past.
    They refuse to call perverts, perverts causing threats and real harm to “real” women and young girls.

  9. Question … is transgenderism a race? Cause trannies be stinky.

  10. start spraying chlorox /pepper spray on some dangling- bits, see how fast the trans-its leave

  11. Coulda just said…Men protect your women from the perverts and those who side with perverts. Use force if necessary. (I added that last part.)

  12. I’m a man and I can’t change if I have to.

  13. In number four above, transpose men and women and you will realize this is true now and has been for many years.

  14. Transplaining is the ultimate form of condescension.

  15. this is the only way these assholes can get next to a real vagina


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