Report: Colorado Taxpayers Paid $522M to Imprison Criminal Illegal Aliens in Last 20 Years

Breitbart: Colorado taxpayers paid more than half a billion dollars to imprison criminal illegal aliens over the past 20 years, according to a report.


An analysis of the Colorado Department of Corrections’ State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) applications showed that taxpayers paid more than $522 million toward the incarceration of aliens, CBS Denver reported.

SCAAP is a federal grant designed to foot the bill for some of the costs associated with incarcerating illegal aliens.

In order to receive SCAAP funding, the state’s prisons must give the Department of Justice a list of names of illegal aliens and how much time they have served behind bars.

In 2015 alone, the Colorado prison system harbored 1,992 illegal aliens, who made up 7.8 percent of the state’s prison population, at a cost of $59.7 million to the taxpayers.  read more

6 Comments on Report: Colorado Taxpayers Paid $522M to Imprison Criminal Illegal Aliens in Last 20 Years

  1. The next time I hear a libtard complaining about the lack of funds for school or whatever I will be sure to smack them with this bit of news.

    quick math- using round numbers if we got rid of all the illegals in the criminal system that could translate to a $1,000 raise for every school teacher in the state. It would cause hell in the “English as a 2nd language departments” but that could be sold as even more money back to the Math, Science, English & History teachers.

    I’m just thinking out loud.

  2. Whatever we spend building the Wall will pay for itself in a year.
    After that it’s billions and billions and billions of savings dividends every year in illegals we don’t have to deal with.


  3. Are they being fed Michelle’s school diet? If not why not?

    Give them some culturally appropriate beans & rice 7 times a week.

    Drop hormone/sex change treatment.

  4. Colorado will make that up in a year selling medical marijuana to school kids!

  5. They should be working 12 on and 12 off, just like Navy does, 7 days a week. Hot bunking and cold meals. Their wages could go a long way towards the costs they’ve imposed on the taxpayers.


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