Report: DoD may have lost $702 million worth of ammo in Afghanistan Department of Defense officials aren’t sure whether $702 million allocated for ammo was spent properly in Afghanistan.

In a report released last week, the Defense Department’s inspector general said the Combined Security Transition Command, which trains and equips Afghan defense and security forces, did not have assurance that the money “supported actual requirements and was used for its intended purposes.”

The inspector general said the command “did not provide effective oversight of ammunition that was procured by the DoD.”

“Without consistent, timely, and accurate reporting from the ministries, (Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan) cannot account for all ammunition consumed by the (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces),” the report said.

The money was spent in fiscal years 2015 and 2016. According to the report, officials said understaffing and security limitations prevented them from performing certain physical inspections that would have validated ammunition reports. CSTC-A personnel also failed to define who was responsible for evaluating the ammunition reporting.

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18 Comments on Report: DoD may have lost $702 million worth of ammo in Afghanistan

  1. I’m sure everything is just fine. Nearly a billion dollars of ammo sent from obama to the Afghanis isn’t a red flag.
    No. Not at all.

  2. How much of the arms and ammunition were sold on the black market or diverted to Syrian islamic Terrorists that McCain supports?

    We’ll never know nor will anyone be held accountable.

  3. Just another gigantic cluster fork, everybody points everybody else but everyone dropped the ball.
    Whom do we send the bill to?

  4. Losing Billions upon Billions in war zones. Keeps the cash out of the U.S. Economy. The Feds are wondering why there is no inflation. Now you know.

  5. It’s not like they lost their car keys or something important.
    I wonder what would happen if these screw ups came out of their checks if it would stop op?

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