Report: Evergreen Protesters Roaming Campus with Baseball Bats

Professor Bret Weinstein, who has received calls for his resignation after he refused to participate in what the New York Times called “a day of racial segregation,” has shared video and photos allegedly of Evergreen students roaming campus with baseball bats.

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  1. Evergreen State College, the pride of Olympia, Washington, what a mess of liberal bullshit. I have one acquaintance that went there. She completely hosed her ex-husband and kids in a divorce. Her ex was required to pay for her schooling. She graduated with a degree in Art Therapy and is now making $150,000 a year working for the California Department of Corrections getting the worst of the worst in prison to draw out their thoughts as part of a rehabilitation program. At least she left Washington.

  2. Bats are potentially lethal weapons. It would be a bad thing for someone to be attacked by a bat-wielder with intent to do serious injury. If that were to happen, though, it would be a good thing for the intended victim to defend himself effectively and decisively with lethal force.

  3. Baseball bats? WTF? Did they watch the movie Casino where at the end some goombahs take Joe Pesce and his buddies out to a cornfield and baseball-bat the shit outta them and dump ’em into shallow graves.

  4. The black dude might be gay and this looks like a scene out of animal house II.
    Have you noticed Hollywood is remaking many movies and adding more blacks.
    I hope they don’t ruin the black movies from the 70’s by adding more whites.
    Like Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) …one of my favs.

  5. “I saw a funny freak parade …”

    Give me a 1-iron and they can keep the bat.

    Course, if they show up here (MO) with their fuggin bats, I’ll let Mr. Colt do the talkin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Martin Luther King was killed fighting for the end of segregation. These “geniuses” seem to want to bring it all back again.

  7. Abolish all campus police and replace them with Townie cops answerable to the city government, not the college president…

    “Like their World War II comrades, Venezuela’s Communists have made their stand in the bowels of Stalingrad. Unlike their Russian colleagues, however, the University Communists have no tanks for defense. They need none. The barbed wire fence surrounding the University City and the autonomy guaranteed by the University’s Charter suffice for protection. The charter stipulates that the University is to be run entirely by an internal, faculty-student council and national authorities (such as the Ministry of Education, the Police, and the Army) are prevented from entering the school grounds without a court order.”

    That was from 1963, by the way. Harvard Crimson, no less.

  8. Future Welfare Recipients Club, Class of 07. I amazed that even a Democrat hole like Washington state allows this to degenerate this far. They must know any degree granted by this place is worthless and any real student will avoid it like the plague. Eventually the only enrollment will be failed high school students on free tuition and board from the state. The fault is less so among these children who have been taught to think this way but with the socialist adults in every level of government.

  9. Looks like the gathering of gang bangers from the movie “Warrior”. I wonder if the kid in the back wearing bib overalls is on roller skates?

  10. It’s truly the stuff of a parental nightmare – I paid $ 100,000 for my daughter’s education and got back a lesbo-butch-wanna-be-gandsta with no manners or job prospects… Maybe I do believe in after-birth abortion after all.

  11. Hans, I hear you….every campus these days, even Catholic ones (that is YOU Notre Dame) are just liberal indoctrination camps. My daughter told me the other day there is no American Dream except for white males. I told her great, given me the keys to your car, start paying rent immediately and go get a college loan to pay back the rest of your life….needless to say she shut up very quickly.

  12. How fun would it be, to Just start Pitching Baseballs at their Heads.
    No Way could they defend themselves ! It would even seem Legal , given they have Bats! I think I’ll take my Little Leaugue Team, 5 Minutes Flat and My Boys will Have them Crying !!!

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