Report: Hillary “Intimidated,” Refuses to Accept Legal Docs from Tulsi Gabbard’s $50M Lawsuit

Dan Hillary Clinton is refusing to accept legal papers from Tulsi Gabbard’s $50 million lawsuit against her according to the Hawaii congresswoman’s attorneys.

Gabbard, who is running for president, filed a $50 million lawsuit against Clinton last week after the former Secretary of State implied the congresswoman was a “Russian asset.”

Fox News reports:

Brian Dunne, an attorney representing Gabbard, told the New York Post that Secret Service agents turned away a process server Tuesday when the server tried to deliver the lawsuit to Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y., north of New York City. MORE

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  1. The SS is there to protect her from threats, not served papers. And does the average Joe have the right to refuse to accept such legal docs?

  2. Good; indict the SS people for “obstruction.” Hillary believes that if she ignores Gabbard, she’ll just go away. The server will be back, Hillary…with the sheriff.

  3. Serve the bitch when she’s onstage chatting with Ellen Degeneres or Oprah. Better yet, lurk by the stairs at the back entrance and wait to shove the papers in her face until she’s tottering down the steps. And have the server say, “I’m Rick Lazio, bitch.”

  4. So, they’ve morphed from “Secret Service” into “Schutzstaffel?”

    Anybody told the (acting) Secretary of Homeland Security?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. She doesn’t have a knowledge of the law. If a marshal arrives with papers and you don’t physically takes them, the mere effort represent service. Usually, in my state, they just drop them on the secretaries desk, front porch, or mail box. You are served. but she should keep this up as a hearing will be held and if not there, she will be considered guilty.

  6. They can serve her by publication – even more embarrassing.

    As usual, her instincts and choices are moronic. She should have accepted service and quietly litigated this. But now she created a circus around herself.

    Every process server in the country wants to be on tv shoving papers at her. She cannot refuse to accept them. If she does, she would be considered served.

  7. There are multiple ways to give service of the papers.

    Among them, simply handing them to anyone in the household where she lives and declaring service, serving them to a close relative, or even dropping them at her feet without her even touching or otherwise accepting them.

    And, as mentioned, service by publication. Judges will almost always accept these if the defendant in a suit is obviously trying to evade service to avoid the suit.

  8. Everyone should know by now, that the Clinton mob is above the law. They have friends in very very high, nose bleed places. Try and keep up

  9. The Lizard Queen is too busy prepping for her DNC coronation.

    She is already stacking the rules committee with her cronies through her proxy Perez.

    The DNC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Murder Inc.

    She controls it all. Saint Barack never contributed a dime to the DNC and they despise him, he has no control over any Demonrat powerbroker. She has all the money. The donor class has no use for the Magic Negro, the Golden Muu Muu owns the donor class.

    She will be nominated again, she will lose again.

  10. Her lawyer, David Kendall, has refused to accept them, claiming, “he id not authorized to accept anything in her name”. I guess his portion of the billions skimmed/fleeced/stolen while she was SoS and the Clinton Foundation of Graft&Corruption is safely buried away in some offshore account, like most of her thieving family/friends/associates, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  11. “David Kendall, has refused to accept them” – until he gets paid for the last legal fees she racked up
    she probably still owes him for bill’s impeachment

    epstein didn’t kill himself
    ciamella is the whistle blower

  12. It was difficult for her Majesty to conceive that any of her subjects would be that uppity.
    The sheriff should arrest the Secret Service agents for interfering with due process.

  13. But, but, but no one is above the law and certainly not an old hag has been FLOTUS who rode her Willy into a Senator-ship & Sec of State.

  14. Put the papers in a Strap-On-Of-The-Month Gift Box.

    She will personally meet that package at the front door!

  15. Service by publication sounds great but why not rent massive public billboards and serve by Billboard Publication.

    Just curious. Any thoughts?


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