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Report: Judge Confirms Authenticity Of Ashley Biden’s Diary

EnVolve: A judge has confirmed that Ashley Biden was the owner of a diary in which she stated that she was groped and sexually abused by her father Joe Biden when she was a young child.

The Special Master reviewing the 2021 pre-dawn FBI raid on the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe – related to his acquisition of the Ashley Biden’s diary – filed a report yesterday in the Southern District of New York.

As Special Master Barbara Jones relayed information related to the case, she revealed that Ashley Biden confirmed over the phone that the diary in question does, in fact, belong to her. MORE

14 Comments on Report: Judge Confirms Authenticity Of Ashley Biden’s Diary

  1. … one of the very few honest things we’ve seen regarding a Biden!!

  2. Maybe nothing happens means preparing for something to come. I always take this motto as the reason.

  3. A judge confirms the obvious.
    Well, seems that there’s at least ONE honest judge left in America.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Joe: “Hey Hunter, You know what Your Sister said the first time She had Sex?”

    Hunter: ” Uh, No Dad, No…”

    Joe: “Exactly”

    Hell…Doctuh Jill probably has Video…This is a Twisted Family.

  5. Imagine how busy Pelosi really was trying to stop House inquiries on the Bidens on things that we don’t know about.

    The Biden’s were sloppy as only STUPID & ENTITLED people who legitimately think they are above the rest of society.

    Imagine If the Demos would have LOST the Senate too.

  6. Re: Ashley

    She should have BIT HIM like the Dog did.

  7. @Kcir
    MARCH 24, 2023 AT 6:58 AM

    …like they said the dog did.

    Might’ve happened already.

  8. @Kcir: Maybe Ashley enjoyed those shower times with her dad, just like Humper enjoyed his crack and prostitutes. That’s what wealth and power looks like.

  9. my pres. did not shower with his daughter, how about yours – assholes?

  10. Reloader 83
    MARCH 24, 2023 AT 9:46 AM
    “Dead Pedophiles don’t reoffend!”

    The only kind that doesn’t.

  11. m. fuah: not sure who that is directed at. Clearly, Pedo Joe showered with his then under-aged daughter, we have it written by her! So who is your president?

  12. I think he means Trump, the same way I say Turd Boy isn’t my Prime Minister, he’s Toronto & Quebec’s.


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